Whole-Wheat Apple Butter Cake

by Koko on January 12, 2012 · 4 comments

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A real conversation between Q and me last night at 10:30PM:

Q: I’m so hungry!!
Q: Lunch isn’t for another 45 minutes.
Me: I’m so hungry!
Me: And breakfast isn’t for another 12

I went to bed starving last night. The hunger didn’t hit me until 9:30 and at that point my thought process was: “Just go to bed. Do not get a snack. Just go to sleep. You can eat a big breakfast in the morning. Seriously. A huge breakfast. Cake. Yes, cake for breakfast. A big piece.” And so I convinced myself to just go to bed knowing a piece of this deliciousness was waiting for me.

This Whole-Wheat Apple Butter Cake is a perfect, not-too-sweet treat. We served it for dessert on Monday night with a big scoop of vanilla praline ice cream (which was a perfect pairing) and it also works well on it’s own for a little breakfast or midday treat.

The baking process is interesting because you actually caramelize the apples before adding them to the batter. This recipe also calls for a few different types of flour which makes for a really great and flavorful batter. We used freshly ground almond flour from the Farmers’ Market (we were lucky and a stand was selling it), but you can find almond meal from the supermarket (I know Whole Foods has it).  We used green Granny Smith apples since I think green apples are the best to bake with, but any not too sweet apple will work.


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