Whole-Wheat Apple Butter Cake

by Koko on January 12, 2012 · 4 comments

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A real conversation between Q and me last night at 10:30PM:

Q: I’m so hungry!!
Q: Lunch isn’t for another 45 minutes.
Me: I’m so hungry!
Me: And breakfast isn’t for another 12

I went to bed starving last night. The hunger didn’t hit me until 9:30 and at that point my thought process was: “Just go to bed. Do not get a snack. Just go to sleep. You can eat a big breakfast in the morning. Seriously. A huge breakfast. Cake. Yes, cake for breakfast. A big piece.” And so I convinced myself to just go to bed knowing a piece of this deliciousness was waiting for me.

This Whole-Wheat Apple Butter Cake is a perfect, not-too-sweet treat. We served it for dessert on Monday night with a big scoop of vanilla praline ice cream (which was a perfect pairing) and it also works well on it’s own for a little breakfast or midday treat.

The baking process is interesting because you actually caramelize the apples before adding them to the batter. This recipe also calls for a few different types of flour which makes for a really great and flavorful batter. We used freshly ground almond flour from the Farmers’ Market (we were lucky and a stand was selling it), but you can find almond meal from the supermarket (I know Whole Foods has it).  We used green Granny Smith apples since I think green apples are the best to bake with, but any not too sweet apple will work.


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June January 12, 2012 at 8:46 pm

Hi Koko ! If I would just would like to use the normal all purpose flour how should I adjust the recipe for this delish looking cake ?

Koko January 12, 2012 at 9:55 pm

Hi June! The cake will not be as rich as when using whole-wheat flour. It also needs the crunch of the cornmeal for its texture. It’s worth a try, but I have a feeling all the flours are essential for the heft of this cake. Let me know if you play around with the recipe and what you come up with.

June January 12, 2012 at 10:07 pm

Hi Koko thanks for your reply . I do have cornmeal in the pantry ehm I guess I will look for the whole wheat flour and almond meal then . Will surely try this cake recipe 🙂 .

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