The Deployment


Q was gone on a 12-month deployment to Afghanistan from April 2011 to April 2012. It was the hardest journey I have ever gone through, but I learned something new about myself and Q every single day. The past year tested us every single day, but in the end we came out stronger. I couldn’t have done it with everyone’s love and support.

April 2012: The End

April 2012: Q’s Homecoming / He’s Home / Travel to Alaska

March 2012: Deployment: 10 Months In

January 2012: Deployment: 9 Months In

December 2011: Deployment: 8 Months In

November 2011: Q’s Leave / Our Trip to DC / The End of Q’s Leave

October 2011: Deployment: 6 Months In

September 2011: Deployment: 4 Months In

August 2011: Deployment: My Heart Hurts Today

August 2011: Deployment: Staying Connected

June 2011: Care Packages Take 2

June 2011: A Surprise Treat and the Dogs Miss Q Too

June 2011: Deployment (Part 1)

May 2011: Care Packages

May 2011: Mail


And to learn a little bit more about us, you can read Q & K: Our Love Story.

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