The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies Ever

by Koko on August 25, 2011 · 9 comments

in Baking, Cookies, Recipe

I recently got an email from my girlfriend Hilly with the title “The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies Ever.” I had to try them, I mean with that headline how could I not. I brought the recipe to my mom to get her input (it’s nice to live with a professional), she said that this recipe is one of her favorites as well.

The original recipe is by Jacque Torres, also known as “Mr. Chocolate,” a world renowned pastry chef in NYC…kind of a big deal. His recipe was one of the first which has you refrigerate your cookie dough before baking it out. By cooling your dough (in this case 72 hours), your ingredients all meld together and your butter sets. The cookies spread evenly, cook up perfectly and come out tasting a little like caramel because of  this fridge time. It also ensures you get a moist cookie in the center and a crisp outside crunch.

These cookies were OUT OF THIS WORLD, I’m not sure if it was the salt, the refrigerated dough, the quality of chocolate we used or everything combined, but these truly are the best chocolate chip cookies. I would make these over and over again and am so happy to be sharing them with you. For a great step by step description of why these cookies rock so much, you can visit For Me, For You who has a wonderful explanation. I can’t encourage you to try these out enough, they are truly amazing.



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