Tangent Thursday

by Koko on February 16, 2012

in Tangent Tuesday

Since Tuesday’s normal tangent post was replaced by a sappy love note to Q, I deemed today Tangent Thursday!

1. I sent my final package off to Afghanistan this week. Q has less than 60 days left and I didn’t want to risk sending out a package he would never receive. Q’s last few package requests have been “anything healthy,” so I stocked up on some of his faves at Whole Foods. It’s amazing that managed to send off every single thing I bought for him (50 packs of Wet Wipes/ dozens of packets of drink mix/ 30 DVDs / magazines/ books, etc.) over the past 10 months. (Silently patting myself on the back!).

2. My mom bought me a tape dispenser for Valentine’s Day. She said she was sick of finding hers in my room. To bad she didn’t see Tangent #1 regarding sending off Q’s last package before she bought it… (don’t worry mom I still love it).

3. I love this Cooking Light article on the top 40 most common cooking mistakes. I guarantee you have done at least 5 of these (My number one mistake is not reading a recipe all the way through…impatience and hunger get the best of me sometimes). Great read for beginner and advanced cooks alike.

4. Recent eats:

1st row: Roasted Fall Vegetable Salad/ Miso Black Cod, Brown Rice, High Roasted Brussels Sprouts/ Spinach Torta / 2nd row: Cheese Plate/ Oats / Inside of Spinach Torta / 3rd row: BBQ Tempeh Salad / Lentil, Caramelized Onion, Lentil Rice, Salad, Bread, Carrot Soup / Sushi Night

5. I’m heading to San Fran this weekend with my mom to visit my Aunt and Uncle. I’ve been feeling a little down recently with Q being gone (it feels like it’s been forever) and we found cheap tickets last minute to head up to one of my favorite cities. Spending time with family always brightens the mood and I think it will be good to break my routine for a couple days.

3 Generations of Rezents Women

6. Today’s outfit (don’t mind the creeper stare):

I love this outfit since it’s sort of hipster meets J Crew, but it’s super comfortable and I could run errands in it all day which was great.

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