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by Koko on March 20, 2013

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Oh Alaska, thanks for reminding me how pretty you are. I’m home for a quick 2-weeks before heading back to LA to get these wedding festivities started! It is a warm 25 degrees this week and the snow is finally beginning to melt! Still gorgeous, just a little warmer and a little easier to drive in!



Q and I are of course so happy to spend time with each other again. Back to our usual dinner routine and getting caught up on all of our TV shows.

Breakfast – 7:00AM 
A quick bowl of oats and some coffee in our new amazing Bodum mugs (a very nice wedding gift) before heading off to day 3 in a 6th grade classroom. I LOVE this class and have been really enjoying having a class of my own for the week. 
Lunch- 11:30AM
IMG_2783I used this Shrimp and Orzo recipe for inspiration and in true me-fashion, added avocado and mixed with the dressing a little. I found it to be delicious, filling, fresh and perfect for lunch. 
Dinner – 6:30PM
Q’s Pan-Roasted Chicken and a take on this Mediterranean Bulgur Salad as a side. Since I didn’t have bulgur, I used a Trader Joe’s grain mix and used feta instead of goat cheese. 
We just got the Slow Cooker off of our registry and are so excited to start using it. I’m thinking of a sausage/farro/red chard soup for tomorrow night and will keep you posted on how it goes! Happy Wednesday!

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Another week down! This week temperatures began to dip into the 30’s at night and 40’s in the mornings (they creeped back up to 50s/60s by noon though). This California girl is in sweaters and her fleece already. And yes, it is going to get 60 degrees colder than it is right now throughout the winter.

This week has already flown by since Q had Monday off and on Friday we have an event for his company, so it’ll be a fun day. Here’s another pic from our camping trip this weekend just because I feel like it:

 Breakfast- 9:00AM


I stole Q’s coffee cup this morning, whoops! Oats, berries, the usual. I thought about changing up the routine, but had a busy morning and thought “why mess with a good thing?'”

Lunch -1:30PM

I met my friend Jenn for lunch today at a local restaurant, Wolf Run. I got the gumbo soup and house salad. Jenn and I met through our blogs almost a year ago and now that I’ve moved, we live 20 minutes apart from each other. Yay for blog friends! Her husband’s a pilot and it was nice to talk to someone who just gets it all. Such a fun lunch date.

Oh and just because I’m an awesome fiancee, I brought Q lunch today. My new favorite salad combo: greens, tofu, carrots, cranberries, walnuts and sesame ginger dressing. YUM.

Dinner – Last Night

In keeping with our Taco Tuesday tradition, last night Q and I made these Fish Tacos with Lime Crema, Pico de Gallo and Cabbage. This was my second time using this recipe and it was just as delicious as the first. YUM.

Hope everyone is having a good week, tomorrow I’m finally putting up the Greek Shrimp and Polenta recipe from last week!


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Well I’ve survived 2 weeks in Alaska so far! The temperatures are getting cooler (we are now in the 50s every day), but I still love it.

I’ve made friends (and bribed them with cookies).

And gotten my gym routine back (Yes my spin class is located on the ice rink.).

So all in all, I’m settling in quite well. Q has a 4-day weekend, so we are going to go camping and rafting with some friends. I think Alaska is slowly trying to turn me into an “outdoorsy” person. We shall see.

Breakfast – 9:00AM
The usual oats, berries, coffee. Q is sort of the best roommate/fiancee ever. He wakes up at 4:45AM every day, stumbles to the kitchen and makes coffee. And when I wake up a few hours later, warm coffee is waiting for me. I like this arrangement we have going on.
Lunch – 1:30PM
I went to spin today and then grabbed some turkey from the commissary (Army’s version of Ralph’s) and headed home. We still have a ton of those Flat Out wraps, so I added some pesto, cheese, turkey and put it in the toaster oven until hot. I added lettuce and pickles and that was lunch. Easy, filling, delicious. 
Dinner – Monday night
Monday night Q and I got a little adventurous in the kitchen. We made Greek Style Shrimp with Tomatoes and Feta AND we made polenta. Polenta is hard work people. We took turns for 20 minutes stirring until it was done. My arms were hurting. But this dish was AMAZING. I’ll post the recipe on the blog later this week. 

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Well I’m one week down in this crazy new adventure. And I love it. This weekend Q and I went to a local permafrost exhibit (we are dorks, I know), but apparently we aren’t the only dorks in Fairbanks since the whole exhibit had been sold out for hours once we got there. Instead of letting the adventure go to waste, we stopped by the Alaskan pipeline (I’m still a tourist!). Pretty nifty.

Q and I have been eating basically every meal at home. I’m loving it. I feel better, healthier and we get to spend precious time together cooking in the kitchen.

Breakfast – 9:00AM
I had to bring my oats tradition to Fairbanks! So it was oats and berries for breakfast. And coffee Q made at 5am and left for me (I have a pretty good deal I know). 
Lunch – 1:30PM
I met Q on post during his lunch break and then came back home to make myself some food. I was really hungry when I got back, so I turned to eggs . I added some corn, black beans, roasted red pepper, avocado and salsa. It was the perfect, quick and filling lunch.
Dinner – Last Night
We decided to start a Taco Tuesday tradition in our home. We both love Mexican and have been having a ball with it. Last night we roasted poblano peppers and then sauteed onions, mushrooms, and corn to go in our tacos. We added some grilled chicken, rice and black beans and Q made a lime crema from Greek yogurt (yogurt, chives, lime juice). These were DELICIOUS.
Hope everyone is having a great week! 

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