Summer Clam Bake!

by Koko on July 16, 2012 · 1 comment

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Yesterday I went to my first ever clam bake! Having been born and raised on the west coast, I had never even heard of a clam bake until I got into food blogs/all things food. And you know what I discovered? I have been missing out. There were fresh clams, mussles, clam chowder, roasted potatoes, and a full seafood buffet. And just when we thought we had seen all the seafood we could handle, each person at the table was served their own 2-pound lobster!

The lobsters were so fresh that you literally picked a live lobster and 2 minutes later it was cooked on your plate (sounds morbid, but was actually awesome).

This was just the appetizer plate…

Just two girls loving their lobster.

I am contemplating moving to the east coast just so I can experience a clam bake at least once a year. And yes, I am still full 24 hours later.

 PS: My fun striped dress is from Splendid

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Sometimes after a long day of work, all I want is a big plate of pasta and a glass of red wine. Is that a bad thing? This seafood pasta did the trick tonight. It was easy since we had a frozen seafood medley, a frozen batch of our homemade marinara and some fresh pasta from this morning’s Farmers’ Market all on hand. There is definitely something to be said about keeping a stocked freezer!

Seafood and pasta is one of my favorite combinations. Between this dish and my linguine and clams, I am in heaven. This dish can be made with any combination of seafood as well as any type of pasta. I love the simplicity (one pan for everything) and the quick cook time (20 minutes). You seriously cannot go wrong!

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The cold weather gear has been packed (and repacked and repacked again). The suitcase is 49.9 pounds (.1 under my limit). The homecoming outfit has been tried on and changed more times than I know. And now it’s just waiting. Waiting for my flight and for him to land and for us to be together again.

In the meantime, I was thinking of some of my favorite dishes to make for Q’s homecoming. I want something with one pan, easy ingredients and that is quick since we are working with limited cooking supplies. This favorite last-minute weeknight dinner comes to mind.

This baked shrimp dish comes together easily with items I usually keep around (we buy the diced tomatoes in bulk at Costco). Ten minutes on the stove and 12 minutes in the oven. This is a delicious 30-minute meal. I love the simplicity of the flavors and the variety of ways you can serve it (rice, orzo, bread, whatever you have on hand). I cannot wait to cook it up for my man this week!


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Salmon in Sorrel Sauce

by Koko on February 27, 2012 · 4 comments

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I used to hate salmon. I think it has such a distinct, strong taste that as a kid who liked plain foods only, it was just not my thing. And now as a grown-up, I’ve learned to love it. I think it’s the variety of ways you can cook it (pan-seared, cedar plank, broiled) and the variety of sauces you can pair it with that makes it exciting and melt-in-your-mouth delicious.

Today I’m sharing with you a great under-30-minute-dinner. I love easy dishes like this that you can keep in your recipe drawer and whip out at the last minute. Hint: make sure to read the recipe all the way a few times through before starting to cook since this dish comes together QUICKLY and you don’t want to be scrambling.

The key to this dish is the thinly sliced salmon (which is put under a broiler for 30 seconds) and the sorrel sauce. Sorrel is a lemon-y tasting herb that looks like spinach and provides a great flavor to this dinner.



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