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Wednesday, you are here already?! This week is flying by, not only because Monday was a holiday, but because I am counting down the days until Q gets here (countdown is at 5!). Another exciting thing I’m looking forward to is a trip to Palm Springs this weekend to have a reunion with all of my girlfriends from college. We did a reunion back in September in Los Angeles and had talked about a “destination reunion” for the summer since then. Let me tell you it is HARD to coordinate 12 schedules, but we did it and are only going to be missing one girl who lives in Hong Kong (Kristen, we will miss you). Palm Springs forecast is looking like 100 degrees for the weekend i.e. bring out the sangria asap. I think we are going to do a dinner in one night and all cook. I’m pretty excited about that since it is right up my alley (I’m thinking my penne bake).

Anyhow… on to food from today!

Breakfast – 9:00AM

2 egg whites + 1 egg scrambled, salt and pepper and some black beans, Mexican cheese and salsa on the side. I really enjoyed this breakfast. I usually think eggs are time consuming to make, but honestly this took less than 5 minutes. Next time I would add some avocado on top… yum.

Lunch – 12:00PM

Roasted vegetable salad with chicken. Healthy, filling, but didn’t satisfy this sweet tooth…

Treat – 2:00PM

So I had two of these little chocolate chip cookies. Well worth the calories!

Dinner – 7:30PM

I was starving by the time dinner rolled around. Like it made me so cranky that I told Q I had to take a nap (which I did successfully for 40 minutes until dinner time). Does anyone else get hangry (hungry + angry)? Q and my biggest fights have names like “Subway Gate” and “the Wendy’s Ordeal” that all revolved around me being hungry and cranky… I learned to always keep a Luna Bar in my purse for emergencies!

For dinner we had cucumber salad followed by tofu, veggie stir-fry, some sauteed eggplant and brown rice. Sometimes having an all vegetarian dinner is really satisfying!

And let the record state, the crankiness has slowly disappeared.

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What I Ate Wednesday 35

by Koko on February 23, 2012 · 2 comments

in What I Ate Wednesday

Yesterday I came home from work, opened the computer and no internet. We are doing construction on the house (remodeling my room) and the electrician accidentally cut the internet cord instead of the phone line…and didn’t know it, so he didn’t fix it. So I was without internet last night, which actually was great for getting things done. I edited photos, read magazines that were pilling up and caught up on my DVR (sometimes it feels more like a chore than enjoyment).  So here belatedly is my food from yesterday!

Breakfast- 9:00AM

Coach’s Oats with homemade vanilla almond butter which I bought at the Ferry’s Market in San Fran. It was REALLY flavorful, I only used about half of what I normally do. Also all those strawberry pieces in the bowl came from ONE strawberry, crazy right?

Snack – 11:00AM


Green Juice #1 and a dose of Emergen-C. I haven’t been feeling great the past few days (sore throat), so I want to try and knock this cold out before it gets a hold of me.

Lunch – 3:00PM

Roasted vegetable and tofu salad by Gaby 

Snack – 4:00PM

Milky Way Cupcake by Gaby (these were insane, not overly sweet which I liked)

Dinner – 7:00PM

 I had plans to make a lentil and black bean soup, but without internet I couldn’t pull up the recipe, so instead I ate fried eggs, avocado and toasted bread. Delicious.

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