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I can’t get enough of this dress. I have to say I never thought I would be a Lilly Pulitzer wearing Southern gal, but I am sort of loving it. I adore Lilly’s prints and timeless styles and have to say I have gotten more compliments on this dress than most of the items in my closet. I already see this being a summer staple!


Dress: Lilly Pulitzer / Purse: Kate Spade / Sunglasses: Karen Walker





When we found out we were moving yet again, I immediately started looking at moving announcements. I am super old fashioned in that I like to snail mail our new address out to friends and family. My first stop is always Tiny Prints because I love their selection and feel like their stuff is totally my style. Last year we used this cute one. And this year, we went with this adorable one.

For these cards I included two simple Instagram photos on the back since I wanted to send the cards out quickly and thought these photos were cute and captured our new house well.


I used some washi tape I had to seal the cards, Tiny Prints personalized postage stamps (so adorable) to mail them and a cute embossed stamp of Carl to add some personality to them. (I mean I couldn’t possibly send out a card without some sort of Carl touch could I?)


For a step-by-step tutorial on how I embossed the stamp, I did a guest post on the Tiny Prints blog here.



This & That

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Hi friends! Oh what a week it has been.


We are making major moves on the unpacking front. We have about two rooms to go and are making steady progress. My mom came in for a few days and that helped tremendously! It was so great having my all-knowing mother here to help me deep clean, decorate and help with my humongous garden.

Scouting furniture with mom (we ended up getting this set for the master):


We celebrated Carl’s two year adoption-anniversary on Sunday. Looking back on the pictures of him the day we adopted him makes my heart hurt. He looks so scared. But now, he is truly loving life!

carl day1


Did I tell you that I hand carried my huge tomato plants in the back of my Prius from Georgia to Tennessee? I couldn’t bear to leave them or have the movers move them, so I loaded them up in the Prius and brought them with. After the shock of the all the travel, I was worried I wouldn’t get any tomatoes, but sure enough, each morning a few pop up. I think they are loving the warm weather and dewy mornings here. I pick them right as they are beginning to turn red and leave them on my window sill to ripen completely. This way the deer/snails/bugs won’t get them.


New house = new pizza nights. We made this fun Mexican black bean pizza last weekend and enjoyed it outside on our deck.





Last week I posted a few pictures on my Instagram of treats I baked for our new neighbors. I got a few questions about them, so wanted to go into more details here!

Introducing ourselves to our neighbors is very important to us. I’ve always gone around door to door whenever we’ve moved into a new place. We want our neighbors to know us (and Carl) and keep an eye out for us.


It usually takes me about a week to find all my baking gear and head to the market to get my ingredients. I am always a fan of a “blow them away” cookie for a getting to know you gift, so I went with my favorite Oreo Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies. I printed this recipe a loooong time ago, so I also included it below for you!

I also made my go to Snickerdoodles. I picked up these cute buckets from Target for $1 each, filled them with cookies and attached one of our moving announcements with red and white twine (also from Target). I always write our cell phone numbers on the back, so our neighbors know how to reach us. We went door to door giving out our treats and introducing ourselves and already have a few dinner invitations!



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