Master Bedroom Reveal

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We got so lucky with our home. A huge den, a now-perfect kitchen and a big private master suite.

View into the master from the hallway, which holds our washer/dryer and a big closet:


When we moved in, the master bedroom was painted a hunter green, which wasn’t bad, but wasn’t our pick. There was a tan carpet and all the trim and doors were painted tan.

Our first step in our transformation was paint. We chose a light gray with blue undertones. (We used Valspar Silver Leaf from Lowe’s). We painted the trim and doors a bright white and the room immediately brightened.






master 3-2

The next step was installing hardwood flooring. We were going to wait to install the hardwood, but after painting, we just couldn’t bear the dirty looking carpet. Q got this great engineered hardwood from Lowe’s and he installed it himself. He did say it was the hardest job he has ever done, but damn does it look good! 


We purchased this great rug (sold out, but a very similar one) from West Elm to tie in all of the colors of our room and to make the room feel warmer now that the carpet was gone. (This was after Carl decided to chew something up on the rug the day after we got it). 


We recently got a king bed from Tuft & Needle (the best decision EVER) and so our side tables and lamps haven’t quite reflected our much larger bed. We definitely want to buy/hang some more artwork in the master as well, but we are hesitant to buy anything new in this house since our new house in Tennessee has a different layout. (PS please excuse the before photos, which were taken the day I moved in and the room was horrendously messy).







Q’s closet is behind the pocket door to the left and the master bath is behind the other. You can already see how just painting it and laying new tile has made it SO much brighter and inviting.





And a side-by-side:


I use Q’s set of drawers as my get-ready table. The photo above is a piece of Feng Shui artwork given to us by my mother. IT apparently brings happiness, health and wealth (I’ll take it!).


My side table. I use the little bowls to keep my rings in at night and the blue spray bottle is a nighttime lavender spray I spritz on my pillows (and Carl) each night.


We reused the painted silver frames we had in our old master for above the bed. Ideally I would like to have two large pictures or paintings over each of our side tables.


We lucked out and have a door in our master that leads outside to our wrap-around yard. As you can see, this is Carl’s preferred method of getting outside (and is so awesome on Saturday mornings when neither of us want to get out of bed to let Carl out. We are already dreading a two-story home!).


Next big project is: master bathroom. We have been cranking away at painting, reglazing tubs and sinks and installing tile. Should be done within the week!


WCR New York

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This weekend I flew to New York to attend the annual Women Chefs & Restaurateurs conference with my mom. This is my fourth WCR conference (Pasadena, San Francisco, Chicago) and the experience truly gets better each year. WCR is an organization of women in the food industry (chefs, restaurant owners, writers, farmers, sommeliers, bartenders, front of the house people) who support each other in this mainly male-dominated industry. The conference is always a fabulous mix of panels, breakout sessions, and most importantly; incredible food made by women.


Since I flew into LA a day early, I was able to meet up with my longtime bestie Liz for dinner on Saturday night. Rheana,  her pup, should really be Carl’s girlfriend.



On Sunday the conference started. There were panels on women chefs and business, international women chefs, chefs and the media and the state of women in the kitchen. The panels are always SO fascinating and inspiring. (And it doesn’t hurt that the food is out of this world good.)


For the lunches and dinner, young women chefs prepare small dishes and you get to try all sorts of different styles of food (like 10 food trucks that are all free!). SO delicious! I am NOT a meat girl, but I had like three of those little pieces of brisket!


For breakout sessions this year, my mom and I chose beer and cheese pairing (always SO cool to learn about what goes with what –  here is a tip: funky cheese pairs well with a heavy porter). We also watched a demo on modernist cuisine. All I can say is that that is a LOT of work… and not really my style. (That little radish plate took the chef like 3 days to prepare…)



There is always a big gala on the last night. Last night’s gala was hosted by Carla Hall from The Chew and Gail Simmons from Top Chef. It honored the women in our industry. It is always five courses and you share with the person next to you so you can try 10 different dishes! The food is always very creative and truly delicious. Carla and Gail were great hosts, and of course I geeked out and asked Carla for a picture!



I flew out this morning and back to my fourth graders in the morning. Is it weird that I missed them the whole trip????


Weekend Style

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So I’m not a matchy-matchy girl, but there is something about this jacket/shorts combo that I adore. I love the pattern and the style. I also love that you can easily mix and match the pieces with other basics you probably own like this navy silk tank or these green cargo pants. I’m not usually a white accessory gal, but something about this outfit makes me think white and gold or white and silver! Happy Weekend!


(Clockwise from top):

Jacket: Joie $388

Shorts: Joie $148

White Clutch: Kate Spade $228 (25% off now!)

Silver Sandals: J. Crew $78 (25% off now!)

White Heeled Sandals: Joie $320

Blue Silk Tank: J. Crew $44.50

Green Pants: Joie $218

Cuff: Madewell $24

White Purse: Kate Spade $448 (25% off now!)

Necklace: J. Crew $102


A House

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Well friends the Bahlers have embarked on yet another home owning adventure. This past weekend  Q and I drove up to Clarksville to look at homes. We had made a long list of homes we wanted to see, but as I’m sure you know, it is SO hard to know what a house is like without seeing it in person.

Before we left for Clarksville, we had a clear number one choice in mind. We started plotting our routes to work, the gym and local restaurants. We were making plans. And then we saw the house in person. Oh my god can photos lie. Online it looked like a beautiful old home with a lot of character and a huge backyard (it even had a swing!). But as we pulled up the street, we looked at each other and said, “Let’s just give it a chance.” But there was no chance. It was so rundown. It reminded me of a house in a horror film. Seriously. The decks were sloping, the lawn was knee-deep with weeds, the paint was peeling, the house even had a smell. This was what we considered “too much work.” And we sighed and moved on.

About 8 houses in we stumbled upon one that was halfway on our list. The decor wasn’t our style, so it masked our vision. But when we pulled up to this house we both had a feeling. The hedges were perfectly trimmed, there was a big beautiful tree in front and there was even a bird’s nest in it! And when we went in, we knew it was the one. It needs the K&Q touch, but the bones are there. Big backyard, big kitchen, large deck off the kitchen for summer dinners outside.   We slept on our decision and made an offer the following morning. A day later and we were under contract!

And now we are making plans: picking colors, getting quotes, figuring out how our furniture is going to belong.

There’s just that one tiny thing we have to do before we move: sell our house. Final touches going in this week and hoping to get this pup up for sale sometime soon because new memories await!