Cranberry Bliss Bars

by Koko on December 12, 2016

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Around this time of year I always get excited for my favorite treat at Starbucks: Cranberry Bliss Bars! A few years ago, I attempted to make them at home and remember loving the, so this weekend while I was in TN, I tried again!

They are actually super simple to make. The white chocolate “drizzle” is more challenging since the chocolate seizes up pretty quickly, but I did more “dallop” than “drizzle” haha! These are a huge hit, and if you cut them into little triangles, no one will know the Starbucks version versus yours!


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Favorite Loafers

by Koko on November 14, 2016

in Clothes/Shoes/Bags, Fashion


Coat / Shirt / Jeans /Loafers

I’ve always been a loafer kinda gal and on a recent trip to Zara I find my new favorite pair! I have gotten so many compliments on these that I had to share!


I’ve worn them nonstop since I’ve gotten them and love, love, love them!


Sweater (similar)/ Jeans / Necklace / Loafers

Another pair I love are these from Nordstrom (and only $110!):


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Favorite Black Dress

by Koko on October 18, 2016 · 1 comment

in Clothes/Shoes/Bags, Fashion, Travel


You guys, I had the most INSANE time ever exploring the Martha Stewart offices in NYC during my last trip. My boss works in the same building as Martha, so a few of us got a private tour. It was everything you wanted it to be and more! There were people decorating cookies for Valentine’s Day and placing individual sprinkles on cake! There were hundreds of props including platters, chairs, and silverware. It was an unbelievable experience.

I got this cute black dress from Nordstrom Rack and have gotten SO many compliments on it. Paired with my favorite loafers, it was the perfect NYC outfit. Q asked me if I forgot how to put my jacket on, HAHA, men! Happy Shopping!



Dress: Iro / Jacket: J. Crew / Loafers: Halogen

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Minor House Renovations

by Koko on September 27, 2016

in Christel Springs House, Clarksville

It is hard to believe that Q and I moved to Tennessee over a year ago! We bought our home knowing it wouldn’t be as big of a project as our Georgia house was (hello kitchen reno), but that we would make some small changes that would make a difference. Here are two tiny ones that made a HUGE difference.


1 Removing carpet from the stairs and the upstairs. Old carpet is yucky. Taking up carpet is easy. Taking up the nails is not. We decided to stain the tread on the stairs with a black stain and paint the riser with glossy white paint. The verdict is still out on whether we are going to put a glossy finish on the black stain or not as we don’t want to make the stairs slippery. The entry way is now lighter (from the white walls too),


2. Replacing an ugly fireplace mantle with wood. This fireplace was always an eyesore in our TV room. It was gold, had an outdated mantle, and an odd perch on top of it for fake flowers? (I think). We had leftover wood flooring from when we changed the flooring upstairs from carpet to wood and decided to use those panels to create the wall. We also removed the weird mantle and painted the fireplace all black. We used large gray tiles to replace the bright red tiles on the floor in front of the fireplace. The photos don’t even do the wood and the wall justice. It takes up such a huge presence in our room and makes the room look so much more modern. (More photos to come).


We are also couch shopping, which is very difficult when one of you is currently in another country and cannot see or sit on any of the sofas! But the strong willed woman I am chose what I think will be a perfect choice for our family (not this one, but something similar in a lighter color)!


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