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by Koko on August 17, 2015 · 1 comment

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Hi friends! Sorry for being MIA this past week. I flew home to Tennessee this week to spend time with the husband. I spent the past 5 days doing a lot of napping, cooking, and laundry! PS my Jessica Simpson luggage and white Birkenstocks are the best travel companions.


Speaking of Birkenstocks, have I turned into a total hippie? My new favorite outfit involves overalls and Birks… I’ve got to say it is just about the coziest outfit ever.


Look at that little lurker! Carl traveled with me to LA on my list visit and has been hanging out with his grandma and grandpa while I’ve been home. Since Q is so busy with work (lots of travel), we thought bringing Carl to stay with me for a while was a good idea. He is LOVING LA. On the other hand, his cousins aren’t loving having him…


Last weekend I went to an engagement party in Malibu for one of my closest girlfriends. It was a blast to be reunited with my girls again. I am loving getting to spend all this quality time with them while I am in LA.  (Dress is J. Crew)


PS did you know Amazon actually has cute fashion things? Um yes. I got these fun jeweled sandals for $55. Love them.


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Buttermilk Biscuits

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I don’t know what has gotten into me, but I have been on a Southern-baking roll over here. Maybe it is all the Southern Living I have been reading on my flights or perhaps just being around the Southern drawl again, but this past week I went to work in the kitchen!

My first very Southern baking attempt was trying true buttermilk biscuits. I am a big fan of Joy the Baker’s Feta and Chive Sour Cream Biscuits, but wanted to be super traditional with this recipe, buttermilk and all! The technique that was most interesting to me here was grating the frozen butter. When making biscuits, you always want your butter and dough to be VERY cold. My usual technique is to cut the frozen butter into small pieces, but this recipe had me grating it, which took a good amount of time and got a little messy. Overall, these biscuits were super buttery and delicious and I would definitely try them again (maybe with just small pieces of butter though!).



Favorite Swimwear

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I am always a fan of bathing suits from Target (hello variety), but there is something to be said about a fabulously made, perfect fit swimsuit.My go-to, favorite, all time best bathing suits are from Malia Mills. They definitely come with a price (holy moly, $150 per piece), but they are 1000% worth it and last forever. I bought my first suit 4 years ago, have worn it on every single vacation and it is still in excellent condition.

malia mills1

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I love her fun prints, but also the variety of styles she has in solid colors. I have two black tops and one bottom, which makes it easy to add a new style each year. She makes bathing suits for every possible body type and organizes them by bra size, which makes them almost perfectly tailored to your body. One size really doesn’t fit all when it comes to bathing suits.

malia mills2a

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Tangent Tuesday TN Edition

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I flew home last Thursday to be with my boys for a week. I’ve got to say that landing in the beautiful, very green and lush Tennessee made me smile. Coming from California where people can’t even water their grass because of the draught made me EXTRA appreciative of all the green!

Although with rain, lots of sunshine and a lack of care, my garden has turned into a haven for weeds. I mean the weeds are literally as tall as I am. Since Q and I are both gone so much, we hired an awesome guy to mow our lawn. He texted me yesterday saying these exact words, “Koko, I am a bit concerned with the overflowing weeds in the back garden beds. They have truly taken over.” So there is that, but at least I have blooming hydrangeas! And sadly all of my tomato plants also took a serious hit… this commuting for work thing has not been good for the garden.



This week has been about cleaning, laundry, cooking, grocery shopping and fixing up the house before I leave again back to LA. I have to say living at home with my parents sure has it perks seeing how I do none of those chores when I am in LA :) (Love you mom!).

Q and I saw two great movies over the weekend: Trainwreck and Southpaw (both totally different, but highly recommended).


If you haven’t read Big Little Lies yet, do it. Trust me.

big little lies

And finally (most importantly), I am totally obsessed with my new white Birkenstocks. I know, I can hear you screaming from here “Just say no to the Birks!” but I love them. Like “wear them every single day” love them. And let me tell you, I get a LOT of odd looks in Small Town, Tennessee.


And let’s not forget the original Birkenstock wearer in this family:


That’s all for today… oh and Carl has been in this position staring at his ball for the past hour. Obsessed much?