18 months. 5 semesters. Hundreds of hours of classes. 20 weeks in student teaching. And I am finally finished with my Masters.


It all started when I moved to Alaska to be with Q. Before moving, I had two personal assistant jobs and a publicity job. My life was all Hollywood and entertainment. I knew that moving would bring about many life changes including a new career path. I had always loved being in school and playing teacher when I was younger. I remember lining my dolls up in a row and assigning homework and grading fake papers. As I made the transition to life in Alaska, I thought I would substitute teach to see if my love of teaching was still in me and if I wanted to pursue it as a new career. And substituting did just that. I loved being in the classroom and being around kids again.


So the next step was figuring out how to get certified. It turned out that getting my certification was almost as much work as getting my  Masters would be- it only required a few more classes. So I started looking into programs. Q and I both went to USC (University of Southern California) for undergrad and I had an amazing experience. Luckily for me, they had an online/ long distance learning program where I would go to class on the computer at set times each week. With our future moves and unsure PCS (Army move), this was the best option for me since it allowed me to do it from anywhere!  So that is what I decided to go with.

What it looks like in my online classes:


And now, I am here: a USC graduate yet again. I’m currently waiting for my final grades in order to complete my Georgia credential to then apply for jobs in the fall. It’s scary, the not-knowing part of it and having to apply for jobs again. It’s also SO exciting to think that I could have my very own classroom this fall.

And I can’t believe I did it with all that was going on in our lives: planning a wedding, a move across country, moving into two new houses, being without Q. But I did!


Online learning has its pros and cons.

Pros: I got to meet students from all over the world and we got to discuss learning and students from everywhere you can imagine. Amazing professors. Small class sizes (15 max), which forced us to raise our hands and be involved (not a problem for me!). I got to be a part of the USC family again. I could attend class anywhere (including pit stops on our cross country road trip and anytime I visited home). Interesting and varied classes.

Cons: It’s still a fairly new program (5 years) and they haven’t quite figured out how to manage us (i.e. I had 6 different advisors throughout my 16 months). Unlike some online learning programs, you had to attend class at a certain time each week and were penalized if you missed it. Distance learning is hard – you have to balance your life and your classwork on your own. Your advisors and all of your professors are thousands of miles away and sometimes hard to get a hold of. Applying for a credential in a state other than California takes some serious work and help from your advisors.

And obviously, please reach out if you have more questions about my program or going to school online- I’m happy to help!


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A few weekends ago, Q and I had last minute company. I thought in my head, what to make, what to make and immediately emailed my mother, the queen of all things baking and cooking. She suggested a fast and fudgy chocolate cake that all men (and women I might add) dream about. And this cake was created.

Easy, chocolate-y and very cake-like, even with its fudgy title. The ganache makes enough for two cakes (or one and lots of ice cream sundaes). Serve the cake warm with some ice cream and let the magic happen.




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Oh Los Angeles

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I will never stop loving you. The food, the people, the stores. I love when I get to visit my family and friends. Since Q had some training in Arizona, I extended what was originally a 24-hours trip home into 8 days visiting with family and friends.

There were delicious deck dinners at home.

deck dinner.jpg

And fabulous dinners out.

dinners out1.jpg.jpg

There was a girls’ weekend in Palm Springs where we cooked, drank wine and tanned (perfection).



A fun OneRepublic concert.


And lots of girls’ dinners.



What a week it was!


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Easy Home Decor Trick

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I am a sucker for succulents (hardy har har). But seriously, I love them. I love the ease in taking care of them (watering once a week… maybe) and the simple and cool look. These cute succulents come from Ikea ($3) and the perfect vases are also from there ($2). So for the affordable price of $5 per plant, I got a windowsill filled with green and a smile.





You can even order your succulents online through West Elm (hello easy):


And if you are feeling adventurous you can even make your own terrarium


Some great links on taking care of your succulents/house plants:

DesignLoveFest : Guide to House Plants

EliseJoy: How to Propagate your Succulents

A Beautiful Mess: Everything You Need to Know About Air Plans

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