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Charlotte Olympia kitty loafers 

Loafers are having a moment. I’ve got to say they may be the most comfortable work shoes there are and these days there are SO many fun options out there.


  1. J. Crew (on super sale) / 2. Splendid / 3. Calvin Klein / 4. J. Crew / 5. J. Crew / 6. J. Crew / 7. Louise Et Cie / 8. Madewell

I wear mine ALL the time. My J. Crew leopard pair are my favorite plane shoes.


And my running errands weekend shoe.


Gotta love a great loafer!


Acai Bowls

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Acai bowls are both ruining and ruling my life right now. Each morning last week I woke up, went to the gym (whatever ClassPass class I pick that day) and immediately followed my workout with an Acai bowl from Backyard Bowls. This fun routine lasted exactly a week, at which point I realized I had spent $50 on fruit smoothie bowls. Face palm to the face. (Quincy don’t be mad!).

After 5 smoothie bowls in a row, I decided to try my own at home to save my bank account and some time in the mornings. And for the hefty amount of about $2.50 per homemade bowl, my inner frugal self was happy again. It’s really not much different than my usual protein shakes, just a little thicker and with fun toppings (ohhh toppings!). Have some fun with your bowls with different fruits and toppings!




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When I moved back to LA a few months ago for work, I worried about what gym I was going to join. I LOVE Equinox (where I went before I moved out of LA), but feared with my new and wonky schedule, the class times wouldn’t work for me. So instead I decided to take a chance on Classpass. Classpass is sort of like a gym, but instead of joining one gym, you get to take classes at hundreds of boutique fitness studios. Basically you pay $99 a month and can go to hundreds of boutique workout classes across the city. There is a ton of variety of times and classes to choose from. You set a time and location where you want to work out and Classpass shows you all of the available studios and classes at that time and in that area. The only caviat is that you can only work out at the same studio 3 times a in month. I worried about this before I signed up, thinking what if I LOVE a studio and then I can only go 3 times. Honestly it has not been an issue. There are SO many studios that I find similar workouts, try them, love them and end up with another favorite workout location.




So far in my 3 months, I have taken over 50 classes at 25 different studios. That is a TON. I’ve taken bootcamps, spin classes, barre classes, boxing, crossfit, treadmill workouts, yoga (and probably more I can’t think of). And honestly there has only been ONE class that I was disappointed in (and that was because the teacher sucked and didn’t explain anything and I had no idea what I was doing for an hour).


Classpass has broadened my workout horizons. Instead of limiting myself to the same teachers/studios/workouts, I have tried so many new things and learned to love them. I look forward to certain classes (I do the same bootcamp every Saturday) and am always excited (and a little nervous) to try something new. I’ve dragged my girlfriend Jess with me to just about everything to help ease the newbie pain. I am a HUGE Classpass believer and am really going to miss it when I move home with Q next year.



Cutest Bedding

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How amazing is this bedding? It’s by Kerry Cassill, a super fun designer my girlfriend stumbled upon. I basically want it all! I love the fun colors and prints and the mixing and matching of patterns. There is something just so cozy about all these beds! Our master is pretty set in solid white, but I love this for one of our guest rooms.