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Well friends the Bahlers have embarked on yet another home owning adventure. This past weekend  Q and I drove up to Clarksville to look at homes. We had made a long list of homes we wanted to see, but as I’m sure you know, it is SO hard to know what a house is like without seeing it in person.

Before we left for Clarksville, we had a clear number one choice in mind. We started plotting our routes to work, the gym and local restaurants. We were making plans. And then we saw the house in person. Oh my god can photos lie. Online it looked like a beautiful old home with a lot of character and a huge backyard (it even had a swing!). But as we pulled up the street, we looked at each other and said, “Let’s just give it a chance.” But there was no chance. It was so rundown. It reminded me of a house in a horror film. Seriously. The decks were sloping, the lawn was knee-deep with weeds, the paint was peeling, the house even had a smell. This was what we considered “too much work.” And we sighed and moved on.

About 8 houses in we stumbled upon one that was halfway on our list. The decor wasn’t our style, so it masked our vision. But when we pulled up to this house we both had a feeling. The hedges were perfectly trimmed, there was a big beautiful tree in front and there was even a bird’s nest in it! And when we went in, we knew it was the one. It needs the K&Q touch, but the bones are there. Big backyard, big kitchen, large deck off the kitchen for summer dinners outside.   We slept on our decision and made an offer the following morning. A day later and we were under contract!

And now we are making plans: picking colors, getting quotes, figuring out how our furniture is going to belong.

There’s just that one tiny thing we have to do before we move: sell our house. Final touches going in this week and hoping to get this pup up for sale sometime soon because new memories await!




You guys, I can’t stop making these roasted strawberries. I am 100% in love with this easy recipe, and I couldn’t wait any longer to share it with you.

I always buy more berries than I eat. After a few days once the strawberries aren’t as bright red as they once were I usually throw them out or freeze them for smoothies. And now, I roast them. Seriously so beyond simple. I use them to top my oatmeal, add them to greek yogurt and granola, and recently added them to the top of a strawberry quick cake I made. SO versatile and yum.




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Moving House; Shutterstock ID 91899812; PO: aol; Job: production; Client: drone

Moving is a pain. Since we found out we were officially moving, Q and my brains have been spinning. There just feels like there is SO much to do and there sort of is.

*Preparing our house to go on the market. That means packing up our closets so they don’t look packed. And that means spending hours packing up clear crates and dragging them into the attic. (UGH). It also means keeping our house clean at all times. (double UGH). For the next two weeks we are pushing through with some final renovations (tile in the master bath, painting some cupboards) and hope to list it after that (by the end of April). We aren’t concerned that it won’t sell (maybe we are being optimistic), but just want to be under contract by the time we move in June.

*Buying a new house. We have spent hours on Zillow and Trulia. My dreams are all about homes. We have learned SO much from our first house. We sort of lucked into a fabulous neighborhood with fabulous neighbors, but don’t want to depend on blind luck this time around. We are doing our research. And asking SO many questions. How far from Nashville will our new house be? How far from post? Is it near a park? Distance to the highway? Do we want to renovate? Do we want to do a TON of work? What about a new kitchen? How many bathrooms do we really need? 2? 3? Do we want a fabulous master suite like we have now? What are the closets like? (this is mainly asked by ME!)


*We are headed to Clarksville this weekend to check out our list of a zillion homes and start the process. It’s exciting and overwhelming at the same time. Where will we settle next? It was much easier buying our first house in Columbus since we had already lived there a year (on Fort Benning) and generally knew the better neighborhoods to live in. This time around we are moving without any personal knowledge of Clarksville, which makes the whole thing a little scarier.

It’s stressful this whole buying and selling houses thing. I stay up at night wondering when our house will sell and what if the new house is not what we imagined. But Q always tells me it is all going to work out. And I know it is. In a year from now, 5 years from now, 20 years from now, I will look back and think “Oh remember that time I was so stressed out about moving and it all worked out so well?!?”  

Can’t wait to keep you posted on how it all turns out. 


Random Wednesday

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I really wanted Tangent Tuesday, but that didn’t work out, soooo here’s Random Wednesday (no alliteration, it is killing me) :)

1. This is basically my Spring/Summer wardrobe. Boden skirt/ J. Crew Factory sandals/ J. Crew vintage tank


2. Columbus has a juice bar and it is basically my favorite place ever. Twice a week we fill up on fresh pressed greens. UGH why is Columbus getting hip to it as soon as we leave?


3. There is NOTHING as good as a California avocado. True story: twice a month my mom sends Q and me avocados from the Hollywood Farmer’s Market. #Spoiled.


4. I wear Lilly Pulitzer like every day. Have I become a Southern gal or what? (PS if you have not bought an Elsa top yet you are missing out. My favorite work and dinner out shirt).



5. This book. Read it in two days. Do it.


6. This dog. This is his new favorite place to sleep. Rude.


7. Also this is how our house looks right now. Preparing a house to go on the market is awesome. Not.