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The past few days have been a change for us. Q went away for work and Carl and I were left on our own. I’ve been SO used to a set schedule (work out, work/masters/study, cook dinner and have Q home by 6:30/7), that it has been weird to be so off my routine. But also really nice.

I went on a long bike ride by myself.


And spent a whole lot of time with my main man, Carl. IMG_9931

So much studying, lunch and Carl staring.

Lots of veggie roasting. Tons of tofu. No meat. 🙂IMG_9941


Long walks with my boy.


Ranger wives’ wine night meant Oreo Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies (recipe here)


And we survived! It helps that I have such a routine, good friends and lots of studying to keep me busy. Off to LA today for a long weekend with the family and to see my girls!


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I love being able to take advantage of long weekends with Q. With my Master’s schedule and substitute teaching on post, I’ve been a busy girl recently. Luckily Q’s 4-day weekend coincided with the school district’s 4-day weekend and I was able to take the time to hang with my two favorite guys.

We rode 14 miles on our bikes on Friday. It kicked my butt and I loved it.

On Saturday, Q ran the Mogadishu Mile 5K honoring fallen Rangers. He wore his full kit (40+ pounds) while running. I took pictures. Carl cheered everyone on and then came home and slept the rest of the weekend. (Also, if you don’t know about the Mogadishu Mile, read this and be inspired). 

We saw Captain Phillips and although it was slow, I really enjoyed it. Q thinks Gravity was better and I think Prisoners was the best movie we’ve seen in months.

I painted our pumpkins gold because I wanted to play around with some new spray paint I got. And I love how they turned out. We did some more fun crafts with spray paint that I am excited to share with you this week.

We made beer can chicken and enjoyed a day outside.

Today, Q left early for work (yes, he is working on a holiday) and I went out on the track to get a few miles in. I was so inspired after watching the guys running in their full gear this weekend and pushed myself harder than ever.

And that’s it. A good, solid, enjoyable and relaxing weekend.

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This weekend we had a friend of ours from Alaska in town. We tried to show him the true K & Q experience with Pizza Night Fridays, meat and potatoes on the grill on Sunday and my famous “California” scramble (only called that because of the massive amounts of avocado I put on top).

We saw Gravity, which was AMAZING and captivating.

We decorated for Halloween- well I decorated for Halloween. Q jokes that every day when he comes home from work there is another new Halloween decoration. What can I say? It IS my favorite holiday.

We took our friend, Ben, to the local diner where their monthly special was apple pie pancakes (they taste just like they sound). Ben is about to go to Ranger School, which is 62 days of limited food and sleep, so we tried to make his last meal a memorable one (he got the Captain Crunch French Toast). 

After all that indulgent food, I decided to put my running shoes back on. Recently, I’ve been a gym-only girl, going to the same classes with friends every day. But when I looked outside yesterday and it was 66 degrees and overcast, I couldn’t help but go outside and log some miles on one of the trails on post.

And with all weekends, there was a lot of Carl time.

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Georgia got the memo about fall. The first official day of fall and the clouds and rain didn’t go away all day! Carl was sad, I was thrilled! Welcome back oatmeal breakfasts and goodbye my favorite roasted tomato pastas!


My last batch for one of my favorite summer pastas: Summer Pasta with Roasted Tomatoes.


I had the most wonderful experience this weekend at the Ranger Wives Spouses Retreat. It was a day filled with yoga, classes on what makes your Ranger tick, bonding and spending time with other wives of guys Q works with. I cannot even begin to tell you how special these women are and how I instantly felt “in” with them. In Alaska, I never really had that group of women to laugh with and vent to, and within four months of being in the south, I’ve found them!


We got the most special wedding gift from our friends Ali and Stu, a commissioned painting of Carl! It makes Q and I laugh so much and we can’t wait to put it up in the house! PS the artist who did it is Chris Harden



Oh we casually looked at a house TO BUY this weekend. It didn’t work out, but I kind-of-sort-of felt like a real adult! The Army life makes it difficult to buy a home since we move every 3 years and if you can’t find renters or sell your house, it can become a huge financial burden. So we are waiting for the perfect place to purchase whether it be here or our next duty station.


Isn’t it charming?

I highly recommend these S’mores Bars… I made them for Q over the weekend and let’s just say they didn’t last until Monday (or even Sunday night).


 And one last precious Carl picture for your Tuesday!


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