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There is nothing better than arriving in Hawaii. My shoulders relax, my mind settles, and I just mellow out. There has been lots of reading (Heads in Beds), long walks with my mom, homecooked dinners on the deck and lunches with grandma. I love going to my grandma’s because I get to see her collection of old photos of my mom and aunts and uncles. They always make me smile.

Last night, we prepped for Hurricane Iselle by moving furniture inside and blockading doors. Luckily, we just had some heavy rain and wind and nothing too crazy. We are housebound today, so there is a lot of baking, reading and relaxing going on today. Tomorrow and Sunday look promising in the sun department, so cheers to that.







PS fun gold and leopard shoes are my favorite Loeffler Randall pair and are perfect for vacation. 

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This & That

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1. At this moment, I am waiting for my flight to my favorite place ever: Hawaii. This last minute trip sprung about a few weeks ago. My mom planned on going to visit my grandma and I sorta-kinda decided to tag along. We are headed there for a few days before I head back to the humidity of the south. And lucky for me, it looks like not one, but two tropical storms are hitting Hawaii during my visit (serious sarcasm implied). But it will be great to spend time with family and relax.


2. Whenever I fly to Hawaii, I try and pad my trip with a few days in LA. Not only does it make the 6-hour time change more bearable, but I get to see my best friends and eat at all the new places I’ve only been reading about. This trip we did Blue Plate Oysterette in West Hollywood and AdoTeca in Brentwood. Both were superb and highly recommended.

Dessert at Blue Plate- heaven. 


3. On my flight over, I watched Saving Mr. Banks and Despicable Me 2. I’m pretty sure my neighbor in the seat next to me thought I was 13. I loved both of them.


4. These are my favorite travel shoes ever. Totally embracing the hippie life. (Top and shorts are J. Crew)


5. Like my mom (this is her 30 years ago).

Scan 2

6. Q and I got tickets to go see Eric Church in concert when he comes to Georgia. For those non-country music fans out there, he’s the best. I went outside of the norm and I used to get the tickets. The website is sort of like, but for concerts and events. You name a price and they either accept or deny it. And there were no Ticketmaster fees. Score. Super easy to use, highly recommended.


7. Have you heard of the site, So basically they review products- from home stuff to tech to cars- and they write the BEST reviews. They take reviews from the web and other bloggers and do months of testing before they come up with their results on what is best. I won’t buy anything without consulting them first.



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DC could be one of my favorite cities in the US. I love the atmosphere, the people, the food, basically everything about it. Two of our best friends, Ali & Stu, live there and when we found out Q had a last minute 4-day weekend, we jumped at the opportunity to visit them.


We’ve been to DC together once before when Q was on R&R (a small break) from his first deployment. (Read about that trip here). During that trip we did all the fun touristy things – Lincoln Memorial, White House, etc. So for this trip, we focused on more local spots with a one-day outing to Mount Vernon (which was so interesting and totally worth going to).


And the weekend wouldn’t be complete without some serious grilling. We put the men to work grilling meat for dinner while we baked a crumb cake for dessert (this one is always a winner in my book). What a wonderful weekend with amazing friends!



2Amys: Best pizza I’ve had in a long time! Do not skip the burrata appetizer!)

Taqueria el Poblano: Amazing local spot with authentic Mexican and fab margaritas

Georgetown Cupcakes: Hands down my favorite cupcakes there are. These beat Sprinkles any day.



Georgetown: All the main chain stores you love (Restoration Hardware, J. Crew, Tory Burch) with some fun local boutiques thrown in.


Touristy Spots:

Mount Vernon: Beautiful estate just outside of DC

White House: Obviously!

US Capitol: One of my favorite places to visit in DC. So many interesting facts and history.

Lincoln Memorial: We loved going for a walk in the early morning to beat the heat and the crowds.



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Past Ten Days

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WOW I can’t believe it has been over a week since I last blogged, whoops!

Here’s the last two weeks in a nutshell: Q returned home from training in Arizona (finally have him back for a good chunk of time); we watched fireworks together and celebrated the Fourth early on post; we painted three huge rooms in our house; then traveled to California for a wedding of our two great friends; came home; Q started a new position at work; and this weekend we are having a BBQ to celebrate his birthday; PHEW. And here are pictures to prove it all:

 Fireworks at Fort Benning


Reunited at last


Proof that painting changes a room.

A vacation in paradise.



 And back home to this guy.


Tomorrow I am tackling all things tomatoes up on the blog including some recipe ideas and how our garden keeps producing. Glad to be back!

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