Japan Day 1

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We have arrived!

After a 12-hour flight, my mom and I got off the plane to get our bags from baggage claim to get on our merry way. Only there was one problem: my suitcase was missing, but an identical one was still sitting at baggage claim. Literally every bad word I could possibly think of came to my mind. All I could think of was the fact that we were in a foreign country with no cell service and I was never going to see my things again. The Japanese airport attendants were beyond helpful and went to page the guy whose suitcase was there hoping that he hadn’t left the airport yet. For some reason I started walking around the huge baggage claim hoping I could see my bag. Miraculously I saw a hint of gold (my name tag) and I ran across the baggage claim to a man who was about to walk through immigration with MY bag and stopped him. I still don’t know how I found him in the craziness, but thank goodness I did.


Bag in hand, my mom and I waited for my Aunt and her friend to arrive and we were on our way. We rented an AirBnb in Yanaka (a lovely neighborhood). The house has Tatami mats and cots for sleeping (very traditional Japanese) and is on a quiet street filled with temples. We dropped our things, wandered around our neighborhood and grabbed some quick ramen and gyoza (YUM).



This morning we headed to Tsukiji Market for a tour of the fish market. It was overwhelming, but amazing to see all of the fish/produce/things in the market. The market is so active with prepping/selling/buying of fish that tourists are almost in the way of things.



We ate the best sushi I’ve ever had at a small sushi restaurant near the market and then wandered around the market looking at the small shops for the rest of the day. I’ve never wanted a thousand rice bowls and sake cups more than today.

IMG_4192 japan4


Tomorrow we are off to the Imperial Palace!


Tokyo Bound!

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Hi friends! I’m currently sitting in the airport lounge waiting for my flight to Tokyo!


About 6 weeks ago, my mom told me that my aunt and her best friend were going to Tokyo in March. It turned out that they were going the exact week that I had Spring Break from school. After a few phone calls, mom and I jumped onboard their trip. And now we are here. I’ve never been to Japan and am beyond excited to explore.


Since I had to fly from Atlanta to LA before heading from LA to Tokyo, I decided I was going to do a carry-on only. The weather is nice enough in Tokyo that I don’t need a jacket, so my lightweight Lululemon sweater is it (and if it gets chilly, I can always buy something!). Nike sneakers for walking (and I don’t care if they are “mom” shoes as Q told me), a pair of jeans and some button-down shirts and I am good to go.

I can’t wait to keep you posted on this fun trip!

PS this is my mom in Tokyo when she was exactly my age:


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This is always a tough one for me because the whole year was so wonderful!

10. That Time I Turned into a Hippie: (and shared my love of Young Living and essential oils). This is totally a crazy thing I started doing and now I absolutely love using natural oils for my exhaustion, headaches, flu symptoms and cleaning.


9. What to Wear to Steeplechase outfits: I love these fun and classic outfits I chose for Columbus’s very own “derby” event.


8. Let’s Talk Bedding: Guys, I am such a grown up. I asked for bedding for my birthday. And I am SO happy I did. We are still 100% obsessed with our Tuft & Needle mattress and Pottery Barn sheet set.


7. A Very Austin Thanksgiving: Such a fun trip with Q’s family in a city filled with food and fun.


6. Caramel Crunch Layer Cake with Pecan Brittle: This cake is absolutely heavenly. Moist, sweet, crunchy- try it now!


5. Kitchen Remodel: This is still a work in progress (and this picture is OLD), but damn out kitchen looks good. Q had worked SO hard on making this my dream kitchen and it sure is. I adore cooking in it and can still hardly believe it is mine!

day 58b

4. Living Room Transformation:
 Wow, looking back on these I appreciate Q’s hard work even more. He built these shelves by hand to transform a huge room into a livable space.


3. DC: We had such an amazing time visiting our friends Ali & Stu in DC.


2. On Graduating and Going to School Online: This was a huge milestone in my life: getting my Masters. An incredible journey and not the easiest one, but I accomplished it and am so proud of myself.


1. We Bought A House: Oh yes we did! And along with the house came the joys of homeownership… but in all seriousness, we absolutely adore being homeowners and having our own place.




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What a year.

We bought a house.

Quincy deployed for 4 months.

I moved in and lived by myself, which was by far the scariest thing I’ve ever done.

We celebrated one year together.

Carl turned 2!

We started and almost finished a major kitchen renovation.

I completed my Master’s degree and started a great job.

Q was promoted and transitioned to a new job.

We made a lot of homemade meals.

And went 6 weeks without a sink, washing dishes outside.

We traveled quite a bit: DC, Greenwich, NY, Austin, Napa, Hawaii, and Santa Barbara.

We nested together in our new home.

Bring it 2015!

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