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Oh hi friends! I’m so sorry for being MIA for 9 days, where did the time go? Well… I went on a fun weeklong vacation! I, of course, thought I was going to blog while I was gone and, of course, didn’t! So here I am: back and refreshed!

It was a great trip filled with friends, lots of laughter and good food (and a solid new tan!).


I think I mentioned last week that I started my LA job! Two-three weeks in LA followed by a week or so back in Tennessee. It has been so great to be in LA with my friends and living back home with my parents. (PS There is nothing like having your mom do your laundry and grocery shopping again! Although I have already gotten chastised about a dirty room.) But I miss Q and Carl dearly! I will be bringing Carl out here to live once Q’s work schedule gets more intense and he can play with his LA cousins (who are less than thrilled to add a third dog to the mix).


While in LA, I’ve been working out using this amazing app/website called Class Pass. Basically you pay $99 a month and can go to hundreds of boutique workout classes across the city. There is a ton of variety of times and classes to choose from. You pump in a location and time slot and dozens pop up. Today I went to spin, tomorrow a sculpt class. It works perfectly with my needs and my schedule (sometimes I take class at 7AM, other days at 10AM). If you are in LA or a big city, you should definitely check it out.


On a food note, this week my girlfriends and I are trying to get into Jon & Vinny’s for pizza- I’ll let you know how it goes! And if you ever go to New Orleans, the pizza at Domenica’s is insane. We had it on our flight home from vacation and were loving it.

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The Inn at Fontanel

by Koko on July 6, 2015

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With my new traveling work schedule (2-3 weeks on, a few days home, repeat), I wanted my first trip back to Tennessee to be a special one (especially because I am missing spending Q’s 30th birthday with him). I decided to take the boys (Q and Carl) on a little staycation. I had read about the Inn at Fontanel in a random issue of Southern Living (how Southern am I now?). The Inn was a Southern Living idea home, which basically means it was built by Southern Living to give homeowners ideas of how to design their own homes. The idea home was built in 2013 and originally was just for tours. After 8 months, they divided the home up into 6 rooms and turned it into a bed and breakfast.



Once I had read about it, I looked online and saw only fabulous reviews, so I thought we would give it a try. We rented the South Queen Bunkie for three days, which is a mini cottage next to the main house with two queen beds. It was SO charming and quiet! The room was dog friendly, so Carl got to enjoy our little vacation as well. The staff at the hotel were incredibly accommodating and helpful. They even called a cab for me this morning at 5AM and were outside waiting for me to come out. Each morning there is a private chef who cooks you breakfast at whatever time you wish (spoiled!) and there is a 5PM hot snack each night in the main house. There is a restaurant, winery and distillery all on site as well, so that made for a fun day! Seriously no need to ever leave the property.



We did venture out on the 4th of July to celebrate Q’s birthday. We went down to Franklin (about 20 minutes south of Nashville) for a fun dinner at a restaurant called Gray’s on Main. Oh my word, the food was soooo good. Farm to table, shareable plates, and some of the top rated cocktails in the nation. We were in heaven. And are now convinced we want to live in Franklin when we are older.



Stay: Inn at Fontanel, White’s Creek, Tennessee

Eat: Gray’s on Main, Franklin, Tenneseee

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by Koko on May 15, 2015

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I love this city. I love being able to order my almond milk latte and not getting a blank stare. I love that there is a green juice place on every corner. I love the delicious and healthy food it has to offer. I even love this rain LA has been getting.


I loved being able to spend time with my mom and dad and their dogs and also seeing all my lovely girlfriends who I miss so much, yet feel like not a day has passed since I left. Which by the way was 3 years ago (what!?!).


This has been a great breather trip, taking me out of the stress that is moving/selling/buying a house. Lucky Q got to deal with that on his own for a few days. Back to good ole Georgia and my boys tomorrow for our last 2 weeks there! WOW.

More LA adventures to come as I am probably moving back for a bit for a job opportunity… more on that another day!

(this is my “thank god I finally got my nails done, I am in a happy place” look that I sent to my girlfriend in Columbus)


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by Koko on May 13, 2015

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(Necklace / Shirt / Jeans / Birks)

I came home for a quick reset before our big move. A few weeks ago, my mom and I were talking and I realized I hadn’t been back for over 3 months (I had a quick overnight before and after Japan, but nothing longer than a day) – what!? So I needed this.  It is the perfect break before the hecticness that is closing a house, selling a house and moving within the next 3 weeks.


I can’t say selling a house is easy because frankly it sucks. Every morning the house has to be spotless and ready for potential buyers. Half of our things are in the attic, the carport storage or hidden in some random closet. At any moment you could get a call and have to be out of the house in 5 minutes and stay out for an hour. It has been a lot.


So I was thrilled to hop on a plane this morning and say goodbye to Georgia for a few days. When I get home on Saturday, we are throwing a big BBQ at our home for some of Q’s classmates and friends. So I literally get off the plane, drive home and entertain, but it is the only day we can do it before we move. So is life.


Rest, relaxation, friends, and a few fun appointments like the dentist and orthodontist are what I have in store. And this pizza from Laurel Hardware which is the


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