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by Koko on June 15, 2015 · 0 comments

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Hi friends! Oh what a week it has been.


We are making major moves on the unpacking front. We have about two rooms to go and are making steady progress. My mom came in for a few days and that helped tremendously! It was so great having my all-knowing mother here to help me deep clean, decorate and help with my humongous garden.

Scouting furniture with mom (we ended up getting this set for the master):


We celebrated Carl’s two year adoption-anniversary on Sunday. Looking back on the pictures of him the day we adopted him makes my heart hurt. He looks so scared. But now, he is truly loving life!

carl day1


Did I tell you that I hand carried my huge tomato plants in the back of my Prius from Georgia to Tennessee? I couldn’t bear to leave them or have the movers move them, so I loaded them up in the Prius and brought them with. After the shock of the all the travel, I was worried I wouldn’t get any tomatoes, but sure enough, each morning a few pop up. I think they are loving the warm weather and dewy mornings here. I pick them right as they are beginning to turn red and leave them on my window sill to ripen completely. This way the deer/snails/bugs won’t get them.


New house = new pizza nights. We made this fun Mexican black bean pizza last weekend and enjoyed it outside on our deck.




Random Wednesday

by Koko on April 8, 2015 · 4 comments

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I really wanted Tangent Tuesday, but that didn’t work out, soooo here’s Random Wednesday (no alliteration, it is killing me) :)

1. This is basically my Spring/Summer wardrobe. Boden skirt/ J. Crew Factory sandals/ J. Crew vintage tank


2. Columbus has a juice bar and it is basically my favorite place ever. Twice a week we fill up on fresh pressed greens. UGH why is Columbus getting hip to it as soon as we leave?


3. There is NOTHING as good as a California avocado. True story: twice a month my mom sends Q and me avocados from the Hollywood Farmer’s Market. #Spoiled.


4. I wear Lilly Pulitzer like every day. Have I become a Southern gal or what? (PS if you have not bought an Elsa top yet you are missing out. My favorite work and dinner out shirt).



5. This book. Read it in two days. Do it.


6. This dog. This is his new favorite place to sleep. Rude.


7. Also this is how our house looks right now. Preparing a house to go on the market is awesome. Not.



This & That

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1. Kitchen remodel is still coming along…. The dirty, dusty, gross part is almost over and the fun, decorating, cabinet installing part is about here. Living in a quarter of my house is getting old fast. (Oh ya, this bar/pass through area wasn’t there a week ago! Hellllo natural light!)


2. There have been so many slow cooker meals in my house the past three weeks, I don’t even know what I am going to do with an actual kitchen. I’ve decided that you can basically throw anything in a crockpot and it will turn out well. This recipe is a new easy favorite. (Me cooking in my make shift kitchen… It’s been interesting)


3. These shoes are my everything. I was SO hesitant to buy Birkenstocks because they remind me of mom shoes (no offense to my super cool mom). But these screamed my name, I bought them on impulse and literally where them every single day when I teach. My feet have never been happier.


4. I’m completely in love with our new Tuft & Needle mattress. A full, fun new bedding post coming soon, but spoiler alert- we’ve never slept better.


5. Ikea on the weekends is hell. This $10 orchid made the 90-minute drive and 2-hour shopping stint worthwhile.


6. I’m off to Napa this weekend to celebrate one of my closest girlfriends weddings. My two girlfriends are meeting me in San Fran and we are renting a car and driving up together- should be a fun adventure!


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This & That

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1. Oh hey friends- this kitchen reno is kicking my butt! It is all coming together SO well and hopefully the next 5-1000 weeks go by quickly :). I am sort of dying about the amount of dust that is in my house, but just taking deep breaths and looking myself in my bedroom whenever possible.


2. I have found the most fabulous gym down here, Novo Fitness. What I miss most about LA is the abundance of healthy options and workout classes. Well, Columbus finally has an amazing barre studio that I actually love going to each night. I’m still swimming, but adding this into the rotation.


3. Have you heard of Birchbox? They send you 5-6 samples of health/beauty goodies a month. I’m sort of obsessed, although my sample drawer is totally bursting at the seams! I’ve found so many great new products through the company and who doesn’t love getting a box full of fun, new goodies each month?


4. Job… oh about that. I have been searching high and low and far and wide for a fabulous teaching gig. Unfortunately for me, the jobs on the Army base are few and hard to come by and the ones in the public school district are even harder (they let go of 130 teachers this year). So, I’ve been subbing almost every day, putting my name out there and meeting principals. I’m staying busy and honing my craft and praying something fabulous comes my way soon.


5. Did I ever share this awesome cornhole set I had made for Q for his birthday? Cornhole is a very Southern game – basically throwing bean bags into a hole. I think these turned out fabulously and think they would be SO fun for an engagement or wedding gift. (This is the company who made them for us. They ship nationwide).


6. White after Labor Day? I’m a rulebreaker. What can I say? (Pants are J. Crew/ Bag is Kate Spade/ Shoes: J. Crew)