This is one of my favorite last minute lunches and dinners. It comes together in less than 15 minutes and is SO filling (and vegetarian too!).


To be honest, this meal was developed out of necessity. I came home from our fabulous DC trip to a very limited fridge and decided to “wing it.” I always keep great bread in the freezer, so I took a couple slices out, popped them in the toaster and then lathered them with pesto before adding some mozzarella and broiling. For the mushrooms, all they need is a simple sauté and the egg is an easy 2-minute fry. Top with fresh arugula and voila.


Once you’ve made this for lunch a few times, you can start to time your cooking so you are balancing mushrooms on the stovetop, an egg frying and toast in the toaster oven all at one time. But if you aren’t good at multi-tasking, doing each task one at a time only takes 15 minutes anyways!


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This is a killer cake – one of my all-time favorite cakes. Brittle, caramel, sweet buttercream frosting. Yup. I promise you – it will not disappoint! It is a real show stopper.

This is one of those recipes that has traveled through so many people to get to me. It  began in NY with my mom’s best friend then was sent to LA to my mom then off to me in Georgia and now on to YOU all over the world.


This recipe is deceiving. It starts with box cake, which makes you think it is a cheater cake, but don’t be deceived - it is labor intensive. Tips: read through your directions fully before starting. Take your time. Make sure your cakes are fully cooled before frosting. And most importantly, enjoy!! I like that this cake can be made the day before you need it. You can take your time making it the day before a big party and not have to worry about it day of!



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Blueberry Crumb Cake

by Koko on June 20, 2014 · 0 comments

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Our neighbors have three HUGE blueberry trees and every week give me bowls full of fresh blueberries. For Father’s Day on Sunday, I decided to make them a delicious dessert using their own homegrown berries and this crumb cake was made.

Crumb cake is always delicious in my opinion. I mean, don’t you eat the whole cake just so you can have the crumb part? This cake has a LOT of crumb, which is a plus! It is an easy dessert to put together for a dinner or even for breakfast.



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A few weekends ago, Q and I had last minute company. I thought in my head, what to make, what to make and immediately emailed my mother, the queen of all things baking and cooking. She suggested a fast and fudgy chocolate cake that all men (and women I might add) dream about. And this cake was created.

Easy, chocolate-y and very cake-like, even with its fudgy title. The ganache makes enough for two cakes (or one and lots of ice cream sundaes). Serve the cake warm with some ice cream and let the magic happen.




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