Man, I miss this guy. I miss him so much that it makes my stomach hurt and my eyes tear up just thinking about him.


Deployments are just hard. The day after Q deployed this time, I called my mom crying and I said, “No other job in the world takes your husband away for 4 months like this. It is SO unfair.” But I just had to deal with it. And I did and I have. And it still stinks, but I am managing it all: this house, my Masters, my job, Carl… and the list continues.


Every night before bed I count the number of remaining nights that I am alone. It started out a big number and has dwindled to a very reasonable number. And it’s how I deal with it all. I think, OK THIS long until he is back.This many more weekends alone. This many dinners alone. This many fun events I go solo to.

This past weekend, there was a Ranger Ball. All the wives dressed up and the guys were in their dress uniforms and it was such a fun night. My sweet, sweet girlfriend told me there was no way she was going without me as her third wheel. And my heart melted. The thoughtfulness and generosity and kindness of our friends is so heartwarming. And I went and I had a blast, but of course the whole time I was thinking about how much Q would have enjoyed it.

10330493_662068567199911_9024287791075066923_n (1)

There is no harder job than being a military wife. I truly believe this. We are a force to be reckoned with. Ask another woman if they would give up their jobs every three years to move to a town (and not a fancy big town, think San Antonio or Columbus, GA) where they know no one and where their husbands will work from 6AM to 7PM most days and then they will leave for anywhere from 4 months to a year and let you keep up the house and raise the kids on your own.  And it doesn’t stop for the next 20 + years. It’s an unbelievable role. Today is Military Spouse Appreciation Day. And boy, I appreciate these women I call my friends, because there is no one like us in the world. Strong, brave, solid women. And I am SO proud to be one, even when it hurts sometimes.


And if you want a fabulous new blog to read: Stephanie is an inspiration and a mentor figure for me. A wonderful mother and fellow military spouse. 

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It’s odd the things you miss when your loved one is away. Of course I miss the usuals: date nights, eating dinner with someone, having someone to talk to (rant to), and see movies with. But I really miss eating breakfast with Q.


There is something so easy and magical about our weekend breakfast routine. Q heads off to the espresso machine (which is still packed since he doesn’t trust me to use it without him) and I hit the stovetop for eggs, bacon and toast.


We have this balance in the kitchen and our timing is usually right on.


We take our time eating and drinking our coffee and when the weather is nice out, eat outside with Carl giving us the eye from our feet.


I am SO looking forward to these breakfasts. And so much more. Counting the days.


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Thoughts on Cohabitation

by Koko on September 25, 2013 · 5 comments

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Thirteen months ago I dropped everything and moved to Alaska to be with my then fiancee. Then four months ago we packed up our things (well the Army did the grunt work) and moved down to Georgia. I went from living at home with my parents to finally leaving with my man and becoming a real adult.

Q and I were sitting down the other night and thinking about what the last year has taught us and I couldn’t help but laugh. Here are my thoughts on cohabitation:

1. I like a clean house, but I don’t like to clean. I’ve been banned from using the vacuum since last time I used it it had to go in for repairs due to the engine burning out (apparently you can’t have it on the hard wood setting when you use it on carpet). Where I am a cleaning novice, Q is a cleaning madman. He has all the nifty sprays and washes and different rags for different jobs.

2. This leads us to the best thing that has ever happened to marriage: the Roomba. The robot vacuum who vacuums her little heart out for 4 hours a day, which is 4 hours more than I do. I do turn her on in the mornings, so technically the clean carpets are thanks to me.


3. One of us is a perfectionist and one of us is not. I wonder if you can guess who?? When it comes to hanging paintings/pictures/frames, I take the “looks about even from here” approach. Q on the other hand gets out the ruler and the leveler and a pencil and 20 minutes later, the picture is perfectly centered on the wall.

4. One of us occasionally used to forget to refill the Brita water filter. This caused the other one of us (who happens to wake up at 5 and make the coffee) to not be so happy. This problem was solved when I bought a Brita that is hooked directly to the sink! No more complaints!

5. Shopping cures everything. Isn’t that what buying a Roomba and sink-attached Brita shows you? That’s what it says to me! Again, this is where his and her views differ. I could shop every day, buy things impulsively and “just because.” Q on the other hand, researches, looks at reviews, and hunts down the absolute best price on whatever he is buying. I wish I had that sort of patience.

6. Birthdays– I like a lot of little things- buy me 10 $5 gifts and I’m thrilled! Q likes one big present. And it drives me wild! He says, “I’d like this bar for my birthday” and I say, “And….” Q: “And that’s it!” Really? Who doesn’t want a new pair of socks for every holiday? Or a funny mug with Carl’s face on it?


7. When it comes to parenting, I fear I am the pushover. When our dog trainer comes over once every few weeks, she always looks at me and says, “Oh I hope you don’t have a daughter eventually. You are a total pushover.” Carl walks all over me. It’s true, I’m not even going to deny it. I look at his sweet face and instantly melt. You want another serving of breakfast? You got it! You want to snuggle up on the pillow next to me and snore so loud that I can’t sleep well? Go right ahead! Oh, what’s that? You don’t want me to leave to go to the grocery store because your tummy hurts? No problem! I am putty in his hands. Thank god we have Q, the disciplinarian. Q comes home and all of Carl’s misbehavings are out the door. He sits on command. He rolls over. He doesn’t try and eat food off of his plate. SIGH.

So powered with all this knowledge, I know the next hundred years will be even better than the first one! There is no one in this world who I would rather live with than Q. And I thank him every day for putting up with ME (although I do cook dinner every night, so I get some free passes)!


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My Favorite Posts of 2012

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Yesterday was your favorite posts of 2012 and today I list my favorite posts this year. 2012 was a big one: the proposal, having Q come home safely from a year in Afghanistan, and moving to Alaska were some big ones! Since I recently did a 26 Things in Year 26 post that covered a lot of the bigs of the year, so I mainly loaded this post with favorites from the last 6 months of the year (because who likes repeats!). Here are my top 10  posts of 2012 on Koko Likes.

10. An Anchorage Weekend – One of my favorite weekends this year was when Q and I went down to Anchorage to visit our friends, The Bulls. The Army brings friends into your lives and then moves them away, we are just lucky that our friends only moved a one-hour flight away!


9. Shrimp, Avocado and Brown Rice Bowls – YUM. This recipe was out of this world and combined a few of my favorite foods.


8. Creamy Tomato Soup – Q and I created the perfect “it’s so cold outside, let’s sit by the fire and have grilled cheese and tomato soup” recipe. This meal will always remind me of cold nights in Alaska.


7. Honey Whole Wheat Bread and Cheesy Beer Bread – I did it, I overcame my fear of making bread and baking with yeast! These were two of my first successful loaves (the Cheesy Beer Bread is impossible to screw up) and they got me started on my new love of baking bread!


6. Q’s Holiday Ball  I loved getting to celebrate Q and his peers during his holiday ball. And Q looks SO handsome in his dress uniform. It was a blast to get dressed up for the first time since moving to Alaska that made me really happy.


5. What I Wear in the Winter – Everyone asks “What does -40 feel like?” And the answer is “REALLY cold, but manageable.” In this post, I gave you a glimpse into the many layers I put on everyday just to go to the grocery store. It was a fun one to put together!


4. Weekly Meal Planning – I started this weekly series about how Q and I plan out our meals each week in November. Q and I are BIG planners when it comes to food. There are so many pros: healthier, cheaper, and you actually look forward to what you are going to have for dinner! And I loved hearing that so many of you are going to start trying this in the new year.


3. Q & K Go Camping This adventure was so far outside of my comfort zone and yet I did it and really enjoyed myself. There’s something about being the only humans around for miles and seeing nature that close that is a once in a lifetime experience. I will never forget this trip.


2. 10 Things I’ve Learned Living in Alaska and Winterizing – These two posts really gave you a glimpse into my life now. Sometimes it even surprises me that this ex-celebrity personal assistant born and raised in Los Angeles is now substitute teaching in Alaska, but I wouldn’t want it any other way. This year has been full of big changes and I have enjoyed living in the moment more than ever.


1. Life Update – This was a fun post I wrote filling you in on what’s happening in K & Q world. There’s so much on the horizon for us: a possible move, a wedding, travel. It’s going to be quite a year!

jt wdding2

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