He’s Home

by Koko on May 19, 2014 · 5 comments

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Yesterday, after 4 months deployed to Afghanistan, Q came home. It turned out that he was going to arrive in Georgia the same day I was supposed to fly home from LA after graduation. Of course, this caused me SO much anxiety about changing flights, getting to Q on time and working out the logistics of getting us both home. But, in the end, it all went so smoothly and we both arrived within hours of each other and reunited at the airport.

There is no better feeling than being hugged and kissed by your husband after months apart. Complete joy. Although, I think Q’s complete joy moment was when we picked up Carl from boarding and they shared their own hugs and kisses.


We are SO happy to be together and Q can finally see his new house (he had never seen it with all of our things in it). Today we shared breakfast on the patio and Carl and I showed Q around our sweet neighborhood. I can’t believe it is over and we are together. There is no better feeling in the world.


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The Little Things

by Koko on February 10, 2014 · 3 comments

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Every deployment has its own “thing.”

This deployment is difficult in an entirely different way than the last one. Of course the distance and lack of communication is hard, but more than anything it is the little things.

I miss our weekend morning routine- K making breakfast while Q makes us fancy espresso drinks.

I miss cooking dinner for two, I really do.

I miss being inventive in the kitchen and having my taste tester give me a seal of approval.

I miss walking Carl together and snuggling on the sofa as a family.

I miss going to Lowe’s on the weekends (did I really just say that?).

I miss the “I’m coming home from work” phone call when we recap our days.

I miss having someone to go on date nights with and someone who wants to just sit on the sofa with me on a Friday night catching up on our TiVo and drinking wine.

It’s so interesting how much of a routine two people create together. How when one of the two is gone, sometimes the world seems out of whack for a while.

So while Q is gone, I’m trying to get into my own routine (gym after work and on Saturday mornings, going to sleep at a decent hour, etc.). And that helps, as does seeing friends for meals and randomly buying something for myself because I feel sad (someone should seriously shut down my J. Crew card). But I’ll tell ya, nothing is the same as having your partner in crime back. And I cannot wait to have mine back because watching the Olympics in pajamas and eating girl scout cookies alone is not nearly as fun as it seems!

PS whenever Q is gone, I am always so grateful to our friends and family who provide me with never-ending love and support. Thank you for thinking of us! 


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Deployment Take 2

by Koko on January 30, 2014 · 15 comments

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So I’ve been hinting at it and I’ve known it was coming for a while, and now it is here: deployment number two. Q left last week.

Each deployment has its own “thing.” The last one was hard because it was a year-long and Q and I were out of contact for weeks at a time. I still lived at home and had no military-friend support, although lots of friends to help me through it. I still grew up quite a bit and learned what it meant to be truly independent.

This deployment, I’m living on the military base. We have Carl. I have a Masters and student-teaching keeping me very busy. Yet, we are buying a house, and again, I have to learn to grow up and be independent.

I have to make decisions that I normally defer to Q on (which alarm company to go with, what fence to put up, which movers to use).

I have to make sure our house closes on time.

I have to pack and move our current house and unpack and set up our new house.

I have to live in a new house all by myself and figure out how it works.

I have to introduce myself to neighbors and make new friends, alone.

I have to start paying our bills again.

I have to make my own coffee in the morning and cook only for one at night.

And through all that, I don’t have my best friend around. And that stinks. I hate that he missed Carl’s first days in the snow, and the snow days in general! I hate that he will likely miss my graduation, and the day we will get the keys to our new house, but we have learned that although he misses some, there are many more memories he WILL be here for.

But we talked before he left about how it was a lot on me, but he knew I could handle it. And that he had no doubt that Carl and I would be just fine and totally kick this deployment’s butt. And I know he is going to do the same. This is a deployment that he has been looking forward to, and one that he is going to do such a phenomenal job at. And we couldn’t be prouder or more supportive of that. So with that, my motto of 2014 has been, “Bring It” and I mean it. Let’s do this.


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by Koko on January 6, 2014

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2013 was fabulous. And I truly think 2014 is going to be great.


For starters, I am finishing up my master’s in education this May. The next few months are intense, super intense. I co-teach everyday at a great school on Fort Benning. I’m paired with a second grade teacher now and each week she slowly hands off more and more lessons to me. In March, I move over to a 4th grade class and do the same thing. Each day after co-teaching, I get home and have about 2 hours to prep and cook dinner and finish any school work before going into class from 8PM-11PM. And I do this every weekday. It’s a major bummer because Q usually gets home at 6:30-7 and we spend all of 45 minutes together before I head off to class. But it is all worth it… and I’m halfway there. I’ll be certified in May and hope to have a full time job in the fall!


2014 is also going to bring a deployment our way. There isn’t a whole lot I can say about it, except it stinks. I have been so lucky and used to having Q around these past 2 years that it is going to be a rough adjustment having him gone. And we have both decided that he is probably going to miss Carl more than me and I’m ok with that (hey, you know I would be the same way).


We may buy a house. What???!? I know! Let’s just say we watch far too much HGTV to be stuck in a rental. And there are some amazing historical homes in the local area that we are looking at. Does it suck that I may have to move and set up a home without Q? Sure. Am I SO excited to actually own something of our own? Yes! It’s all so up in the air right now, but it is definitely a goal of ours this year.


So ya, it’s another BIG year for the Bahler house. With all things Army, our plans may change on a dime, so we keep ourselves flexible and hope for the best. Bring it 2014!

All these fun photos were taken during our New Years trip up to Santa Barbara. 

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