This is one of my “Oh my gosh it’s 5PM and I don’t know what to make for dinner” meals. It’s simple, easy and from start to finish takes about 20 minutes. I usually keep some shrimp in the freezer for moments like this, but if you have the chance to grab them fresh, even better. My mom cooks with shells on, I’m a shells off gal (Q prefers the mess-free kind of shrimp), but either one works. The nice part about this recipe is that it is a one pot wonder. You cook the orzo, then add the shrimp to the same pot, easy peezy!


This recipe makes enough for about 6 portions, so Q and I have it for dinner, and then usually lunch for the next two days. The only thing I do is add the avocado each day, so for dinner I add it directly to our plates and do the same for lunch, otherwise it tends to get a little mushy and brown. Feel free to add/remove anything you like to the mix! I’m an artichoke gal, so I load them up. I think olives would work, or eating it alongside some hummus and pita!





Garlicky Beer Shrimp

by Koko on November 28, 2012 · 3 comments

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I’m a big fan of under-30-minute meals. After work and the gym, Q and I are normally starving when we get home. We occasionally will make a big to-do about dinner and spend a good hour prepping and cooking, but most nights we just want fast, healthy and good. This meal is one of those.

This recipe comes together quickly, maybe 15 minutes, and uses ingredients we normally keep around the house. You can even thaw out frozen shrimp to make this a great last minute dinner if you need one! The taste is a little sweet, a little spicy and a lot of delicious. We served ours with roasted veggies and a grain mix from Trader Joe’s. Last time I was home I stocked up on all things TJ’s before coming back to TJ-Free Alaska. My bag filled with Cookie Butter, almond butter, brown rice, salsa and grain mixes was close to 60 pounds. I think I have a problem!




I’m a big fan of brown rice bowls. Teriyaki chicken bowl. Brown rice sushi bowl. Crispy tofu bowl. I don’t know why, maybe it’s because throwing “bowl” at the end of something makes it sound a little fancy, but I like it.

This bowl is one of my absolute favorite new dishes. Maybe I love it because it features fresh avocados sent all the way from California (yes, my mom is the best and sends us half a dozen avocados every week from LA to Fairbanks). Or maybe because it’s so simple, yet delicious. Or maybe because from start to finish it takes less than 25 minutes. Or all of the above. This dish is simple, clean, and healthy. The flavors are Asian inspired, but not overpowering. It tastes great for dinner and even better for lunch the next day when the flavors have really soaked in. Seriously, try it!


Q and I have been working our way through the Cooking for Two 2012 (America’s Test Kitchen) magazine we picked up a few weeks ago. We’ve been basing our weekly menu planning on recipes from the magazine and I can honestly say we have loved everything we’ve made from it. This meal was one of our favorites.

The shrimp dish was easy and a one-pot meal, which I love. We decided at the last minute to cook the polenta as a side instead of our usual brown rice and it was a bit more challenging than anticipated. Not so much on the cooking side, but on the stirring constantly side. Q and my arms were both exhausted by the end. It’s pretty much like risotto, you just keep stirring and adding a little water and stirring. I just want to forewarn you before you jump into it that it’s a little labor intensive, but well worth it!


PS I had my first family day with Q and his company today and had a GREAT time. I baked and cooked some goodies that I’ll share next week. Hope everyone is having a great Friday, Q and I are sitting on the sofa exhausted after a busy day!

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