Easy Stovetop Spanish Rice

by Koko on February 14, 2017

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The other night I wanted to make a fun Mexican-themed dinner. Instead of doing my usual brown rice on the side, I decided to try and make some Spanish rice. This recipe is easy, delicious and tastes super authentic. I put it on the stovetop the same time I made my fajita chicken (recipe to come) and it was a delicious meal.

A few hints: this makes a LOT of rice (like 4 cups), which you can easily portion out and freeze or make for a small crowd. Also, I used brown basmati rice because that’s what I had. Feel free to play around with what type of rice you want to use, just be mindful of liquid to rice ratio and cooking time.



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Stuffed Peppers

by Koko on May 2, 2016

in Cooking, Grains, Main Course, Recipe, Turkey


This is one of those OMG-this-is-the-best-weeknight-dinner-ever sort of meals. These peppers and the stuffing were SO delicious and tasty that I ate one every day for lunch and dinner for the three days after making them. And if you aren’t a fan of peppers, make the stuffing alone and eat it with some fried eggs (like I did). Trust me, it is GOOD.

If you don’t feel like making your own semi-homeamde pasta sauce, feel free to skip step 2 (where you blend fresh basil and garlic with tomato sauce and instead use whatever pasta sauce you have on hand). I made 7 peppers (whatever fit in the baking dish), and still had the filling left over (which is great). There is no real science to filling them or how many you can fit, just use up as much as you can (keep it as easy as possible for you!).


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Edamame Ginger Rice

by Koko on April 6, 2015

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Q and I eat rice 3-4 times a week (must be the Japanese in me). We always just pop it in the rice cooker and hit start. That is until now. One of my favorite cooking blogs, The Kitchn, posted a recipe for Edamame Ginger Rice a few weeks ago and on a whim I gave it a try. Result: this rice is mind blowing.

It takes 15-20 minutes, minimal work and the taste is buttery, Asian-y (made that one up) and a little crispy like Persian rice. YUM. I like my rice a little browned and crispy, but if you would rather it not be, add about 1/4 cup more of water and stir often to make sure the rice doesn’t stick at all.



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Let’s be honest here – most weeknights I am all about the easy dinner. This cheesy  polenta is the easiest side dish EVER. Seriously. You mix all the ingredients in a baking dish, pop it in the oven and voila!


I love serving polenta with earthy veggies especially mushrooms or topped with some warm marinara sauce. It’s also a great side to chicken or pork. This is a great weeknight side dish that isn’t brown rice or pasta!

For my mushrooms, I top them with some olive oil, salt and pepper and use my toaster oven. Bake them for 350 degrees for about 15 minutes and top with a little truffle salt to be truly sinful!

polenta 1.jpg


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