Best Waffles

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It is my family’s tradition to have waffles every Christmas morning. Mom preps the batter the night before and as soon as we wake up on Christmas she starts up the waffle machine. We serve them with fresh berries, maple syrup, butter and whipped cream.


About once a month, Q and I make waffles for Sunday breakfast. I follow my mom’s tried and true recipe to a tee and it never disappoints. The only downside of this recipe is you have to prep the batter the night before so that it can rise. We use our Griddler with waffle inserts to make the waffles. My mom uses an old school Waffle Maker. Both turn out wonderfully (although mom’s always taste better).




Gelson’s Turkey Chili

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gelson's chili

I like to call this chili “man chili” aka the opposite of “Koko chili.” “Koko chili” consists of lots of beans, broth, tomatoes, and then some meat thrown in. Examples of my kind of chili are Spicy Slow Cooker Chili or Easy Weeknight Black Bean and Turkey Chili- yes they have meat, but they have so much MORE. On the other hand, “man chili” is mainly meat, some beans and not a whole lot of broth. Yes, you can spice it up with some avocado, cheese and sour cream, but at its heart, it is man food.

For the Super Bowl a few weeks ago, I decided to make Q his “man chili” aka this Gelson’s Turkey Chili. I served it over brown rice and with some homemade corn bread. And Q could not stop talking about the fact that THIS is what chili should be like.



turkey sloppy joe, brioche buns

This has to be one of my favorite “man dishes.” While Q was deployed, my mom came to visit and we stocked the freezer with buns and Sloppy Joe mix so upon his return he had real man food. When Q came home and finally had one, he told me he would happily eat one every day of his life. Yes folks, they are THAT good.

For those of you who don’t want to hassle with making your own buns (listen, I know it’s not easy), go ahead and buy good ones from the grocery store. For those of you risking to make your own buns, good luck (but really, don’t worry about the shapes of your buns, just have fun with it). A great video on how to knead is here





turkey sloppy joes, brioche buns, buns,



How to Make the Best Pizza

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Q and I love our Friday night pizza nights. And after months of making our own pizza, I wanted to share some of our tips with you!


1. A great dough. We have been using this same recipe for a little while now and we are never disappointed. We’ve started adding a few teaspoons of dried herbs when we add the flour. This adds a nice taste to the dough.


2.  Keep your oven HOT! WE used to make our pizza at 450, but have recently been doing 500 and it makes a world of difference. Let your oven heat up for at least 15 minutes before putting your pizza in. The crust is cooked perfectly.


3. Use a pizza stone. We got ours for a wedding gift and it has totally transformed our pizzas. We leave our stone in the oven at all times (Mama Stanley, the chef, says that is totally ok and actually recommended to keep your oven a steady temp).


4. The little things: Once you spread your dough out before putting any toppings on, poke holes in it with a fork. Q just randomly goes through and hits the fork through the dough a few times. This helps aerate the dough. Also spreading a little olive oil along your crust helps make it crispy.


5. Two layers of cheese. We put a light first layer over whatever pizza sauce we are using, then put all of our toppings on and then another layer of cheese to sort of seal everything together.


Some of our favorite pizza recipes:

Black Bean Pizza

Chicken Parmesan Pizza

Chicken Pesto Pizza

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