Cranberry Bliss Bars

by Koko on December 12, 2016

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Around this time of year I always get excited for my favorite treat at Starbucks: Cranberry Bliss Bars! A few years ago, I attempted to make them at home and remember loving the, so this weekend while I was in TN, I tried again!

They are actually super simple to make. The white chocolate “drizzle” is more challenging since the chocolate seizes up pretty quickly, but I did more “dallop” than “drizzle” haha! These are a huge hit, and if you cut them into little triangles, no one will know the Starbucks version versus yours!


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So a few weeks ago, Q’s company had a big “picnic” (in quotes since it was inside since it was 20 degrees out). Knowing that I was going to have to bring a treat for 50 Army guys and their wives, I wanted something that would be a guaranteed crowd pleaser. And these were it. They were devoured within 5 minutes of walking in the room. Major seal of approval.


They are SO easy to make and for those semi-homemade folks out there (no shame in that!), you can definitely use pre-made dough for the cookie layer. Also, if you have a chocolate chip cookie recipe you prefer, feel free to substitute it in! I cut them into small squares for the big group, but they can be cut larger if you wish!



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Sugar Cookie Bars

by Koko on March 27, 2013 · 2 comments

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So these bars are too easy. As in, they are so easy that I now want to make them every week and have them permanently on hand. So easy that I want to abandon the wedding diet I have going on (ya, not really) and eat them for every meal. I even put them in the freezer so we would stop eating them. And now, every night after dinner, I hear the freezer open, a ziploc bag unzip and the sound of Q’s hand grabbing one…and eating it frozen.

Bottom line… try them.


They taste just like a delicious, chewy sugar cookie with a sweet frosting. I feared that they would be sort of “plain,” but they are not! They are a perfect dessert for a picnic, Easter party or to stock your freezer with. And the frosting can be dyed any color you wish! Easy peezy.



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Cookie Butter Blondies

by Koko on February 5, 2013 · 1 comment

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Cookie Butter. Incredible on its own and even better in blondie form.


For those of you unfamiliar with the heavenly creation of Cookie Butter, it is basically a cookie spread made from those incredible Speculoos cookies you get on Delta flights (come on, you know you’ve had them). It’s cookies in a spreadable form and is highly addicting.


I’ve been messing with this recipe for a full week now and have finally perfected it after many, many tastings (what’s that about a wedding in 9 weeks?). These are truly sinful. Not only is there cookie butter in both the frosting and the blondie, but also white chocolate chips, cinnamon and butter cream. I used some less traditional ingredients in these (vanilla paste, baker’s sugar), but feel free to use the ingredients in your pantry and you’ll be fine. Vanilla extract for vanilla paste is fine and granulated sugar and not baker’s sugar works too!

These taste like a snickerdoodle/blondie/cookie butter hybrid and I can’t get enough of them. My favorite baked good this year! Enjoy!





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