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by Koko on June 3, 2015 · 1 comment

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Moving in takes forever. I try and tackle one room at a time otherwise I become overwhelmed. Kitchen is always first, so that I can actually cook something instead of eating out every meal. This move the kitchen has taken me twice as long as usual. I now have half the space I used to have and am trying to configure everything so that it works. Kitchen remodel is number one on the priority list.


Q has been obsessed with his Apple Watch since he got it a few weeks ago. I finally caved and ordered one over the weekend. It came this morning and I am getting used to it. I think I like it, but am not totally sure. Ask me in another week and I’ll have a better answer 🙂


Work wise I took a job in LA for about 6-8 months. Initially I will be going out for 2 weeks at a time and then coming home for 2 weeks. Eventually I will be there full-time and fly home once or twice a month to spend time with Q. It is a job that I adore with people I adore. Q’s schedule is going to be intense when he starts his new job, so after a long discussion, we thought this was a great move for me right now. I won’t be teaching this school year, but definitely the next (2016-17).


Carl is quickly settling into his new home. He isn’t used to having stairs, so he is exhausted at the end of each day. Yesterday I had to make the bed with him still in it! He is loving his new garden and explores for hours on end.




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It has been almost exactly 2 years since we moved to Columbus from Fairbanks. At the time, we were VERY excited to leave Alaska, but wary of Columbus. A small town with every chain imaginable, we wondered if it would have the charm some small towns do. After living on post for a year, we discovered it DID have charming small neighborhoods. And so we bought our first home. Within the two years we were in Columbus, a Juice Bar opened (HOORAY), a fancy Southern restaurant opened (11th & Bay), the most incredibly workout studio opened (Novo) and I sort of fell in love.


Now that we are leaving, I am really, really sad. I think Q & I found the best little spots that Columbus had to offer. We are not chain restaurant people, so we didn’t eat there. We cooked at home a lot and enjoyed the special night out every once in a while. I adored my gym and the friends I made there. I loved the Ranger wife community I found myself in. I had the greatest neighbors known to man (who let me leave our trash in their bins on our final morning). It’s hard to leave.


We loved our house in Columbus. We put so much energy and work into it and in the end, it was our perfect home. We were sad to see it go, but we are already looking ahead to our next project in Clarksville. We have adapted to this Army way of life of moving every few years and making a new home. I’m excited to show you what Clarksville has to offer.


My Columbus Recommendations:

Juice Bar: High quality fresh pressed juices and smoothies. I was there at least 3 times a week. My bank account suffered.

11th & Bay: Delicious Southern food in a great space downtown. Have loved every meal I’ve gotten there. Love the ambience.

Novo Fitness Studio: I found my place. Run by the two sweetest, fittest and most thoughtful girls this place is a dream to work out in. All the classes are Barre based, but they have some complete sweatfest cardio classes in there that I gravitated towards. Quality students and instructors and I made the best friends here. This is what I will miss most about Columbus.

Junque Yard: Great distressed furniture at affordable prices.

2nd Avenue Vet: The only place I would take Carl. The best staff on the planet.


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The Move

by Koko on May 27, 2015

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Or a better title would be “A Series of Unfortunate Events.”

Movers: About two weeks ago, we selected dates for movers and submitted those to the Army. The Army then offered up our dates to moving companies who could then pick up our contract. A few days later, we were contacted by a company who got our contract. They confirmed our moving dates with us and I thought “Wow this is all going to go so well!” With those moving dates in mind, we set our closing date on our Columbus house for the day after the movers were set to finish. A tight schedule, but if all went well, we would be set.

A week later, the moving company called and cancelled our contract leaving us in the lurch. Q and the transportation office worked as best as they could to find us movers, but as of this Thursday, we didn’t have any. Knowing we had to close on our Columbus house next week, we rented a U-Haul and starting at 5PM, we packed up half of our house. Q and I packed, loaded and hauled half of our home to Clarksville in a truck. He drove the U-Haul and I followed with Carl in the Prius. We had to leave at 4AM to make our closing on our new Clarksville house.


Clarksville House: We got a call Thursday evening as we were loading the U-Haul that the sellers of our Clarksville house were running late on moving out. We were assured they would be out by 1PM the next day, even though we were closing at 11AM. We arrived for a walk-through of our house at 10AM to find a house completely filled with clothes, furniture and a fridge full of food and no movers in sight. We were not pleased. We proceeded with closing at 11 even though the house was not vacant. Skip to 4PM and they had finally moved out. We had to unload to U-Haul and get to work.

That night it felt very warm upstairs in the house. We didn’t think much of it until the next morning when it was still warm. We called an AC repairman and sure enough their system had a leak. $400 later and 4 hours later, we were up and running. (Yes, we sent the sellers the bill).

We spent the whole weekend painting, removing wallpaper (which I am now hiring someone to finish for me), and moving in the big furniture items we brought with us.


Some good news: on Friday, we got a call that we DID have movers to help with the second half of our things. They are coming today to pack up, tomorrow to load the truck and we will be out of Columbus by Friday afternoon!


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Moving House; Shutterstock ID 91899812; PO: aol; Job: production; Client: drone

Moving is a pain. Since we found out we were officially moving, Q and my brains have been spinning. There just feels like there is SO much to do and there sort of is.

*Preparing our house to go on the market. That means packing up our closets so they don’t look packed. And that means spending hours packing up clear crates and dragging them into the attic. (UGH). It also means keeping our house clean at all times. (double UGH). For the next two weeks we are pushing through with some final renovations (tile in the master bath, painting some cupboards) and hope to list it after that (by the end of April). We aren’t concerned that it won’t sell (maybe we are being optimistic), but just want to be under contract by the time we move in June.

*Buying a new house. We have spent hours on Zillow and Trulia. My dreams are all about homes. We have learned SO much from our first house. We sort of lucked into a fabulous neighborhood with fabulous neighbors, but don’t want to depend on blind luck this time around. We are doing our research. And asking SO many questions. How far from Nashville will our new house be? How far from post? Is it near a park? Distance to the highway? Do we want to renovate? Do we want to do a TON of work? What about a new kitchen? How many bathrooms do we really need? 2? 3? Do we want a fabulous master suite like we have now? What are the closets like? (this is mainly asked by ME!)


*We are headed to Clarksville this weekend to check out our list of a zillion homes and start the process. It’s exciting and overwhelming at the same time. Where will we settle next? It was much easier buying our first house in Columbus since we had already lived there a year (on Fort Benning) and generally knew the better neighborhoods to live in. This time around we are moving without any personal knowledge of Clarksville, which makes the whole thing a little scarier.

It’s stressful this whole buying and selling houses thing. I stay up at night wondering when our house will sell and what if the new house is not what we imagined. But Q always tells me it is all going to work out. And I know it is. In a year from now, 5 years from now, 20 years from now, I will look back and think “Oh remember that time I was so stressed out about moving and it all worked out so well?!?”  

Can’t wait to keep you posted on how it all turns out. 

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