One Week

by Koko on May 27, 2014 · 0 comments

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Q has been home for a week and it has been fabulous.


There has been a very small amount of adjustment, mostly with Q living in a brand new space that he has never lived in before. We joked that when he came home, I gave him the house tour of his own house!

Carl fell right back into loving his dad and sleeping in between us each night. Although when Q moves an inch, Carl quickly takes up any space in between us.

I’ve loved cooking for two again and spoiling Q with fresh food and dessert. I’ve been going with our old favorites (Mexican Chicken Bowls, One Pot Farro, and our Friday night pizza nights!)




June throws another curve ball our way with some training, but in the meantime, we are SO happy to just be our little family again.


He’s Home

by Koko on May 19, 2014 · 5 comments

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Yesterday, after 4 months deployed to Afghanistan, Q came home. It turned out that he was going to arrive in Georgia the same day I was supposed to fly home from LA after graduation. Of course, this caused me SO much anxiety about changing flights, getting to Q on time and working out the logistics of getting us both home. But, in the end, it all went so smoothly and we both arrived within hours of each other and reunited at the airport.

There is no better feeling than being hugged and kissed by your husband after months apart. Complete joy. Although, I think Q’s complete joy moment was when we picked up Carl from boarding and they shared their own hugs and kisses.


We are SO happy to be together and Q can finally see his new house (he had never seen it with all of our things in it). Today we shared breakfast on the patio and Carl and I showed Q around our sweet neighborhood. I can’t believe it is over and we are together. There is no better feeling in the world.



Man, I miss this guy. I miss him so much that it makes my stomach hurt and my eyes tear up just thinking about him.


Deployments are just hard. The day after Q deployed this time, I called my mom crying and I said, “No other job in the world takes your husband away for 4 months like this. It is SO unfair.” But I just had to deal with it. And I did and I have. And it still stinks, but I am managing it all: this house, my Masters, my job, Carl… and the list continues.


Every night before bed I count the number of remaining nights that I am alone. It started out a big number and has dwindled to a very reasonable number. And it’s how I deal with it all. I think, OK THIS long until he is back.This many more weekends alone. This many dinners alone. This many fun events I go solo to.

This past weekend, there was a Ranger Ball. All the wives dressed up and the guys were in their dress uniforms and it was such a fun night. My sweet, sweet girlfriend told me there was no way she was going without me as her third wheel. And my heart melted. The thoughtfulness and generosity and kindness of our friends is so heartwarming. And I went and I had a blast, but of course the whole time I was thinking about how much Q would have enjoyed it.

10330493_662068567199911_9024287791075066923_n (1)

There is no harder job than being a military wife. I truly believe this. We are a force to be reckoned with. Ask another woman if they would give up their jobs every three years to move to a town (and not a fancy big town, think San Antonio or Columbus, GA) where they know no one and where their husbands will work from 6AM to 7PM most days and then they will leave for anywhere from 4 months to a year and let you keep up the house and raise the kids on your own.  And it doesn’t stop for the next 20 + years. It’s an unbelievable role. Today is Military Spouse Appreciation Day. And boy, I appreciate these women I call my friends, because there is no one like us in the world. Strong, brave, solid women. And I am SO proud to be one, even when it hurts sometimes.


And if you want a fabulous new blog to read: Stephanie is an inspiration and a mentor figure for me. A wonderful mother and fellow military spouse. 


Moving Announcements

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We move a lot (hello Army life). Our past two out of three moves have come at the end of the year near the holidays making it easy for us to pass along our new address (holiday cards). For this move, I wanted to get our new address out in a fun and timely way and through the mail (no technology for this one) - enter Tiny Prints.

image (2).jpg.jpg


We have used Tiny Prints for our last few Christmas cards (here, here and here) and when I started looking at their moving selection, I was extremely pleased- from serious to cute to funny. I loved how Tiny Prints gave us the option to add photos onto our cards. This was particularly useful when I went around the neighborhood dropping off cookies and a card to our new neighbors. With our pictures on the cards, the neighbors who weren’t home now had a face associated with the name and knew we had officially moved in.

image (3)

Carl and I are slowly (very slowly) moving in, taking our time putting things away and figuring out how the house works.


Do you guys normally send out cards when you move? Are we the only ones?

PS right now Tiny Prints is having free shipping on orders over $49 with code FREESHIP49