Blueberry Banana Bread

by Koko on July 28, 2011 · 9 comments

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I’ve been on a 5 day “stay-cation” before I start a new job on Monday and I think it’s exactly what my body needed. I haven’t been setting an alarm in the mornings and have allowed myself to wake up naturally (well, as natural as possible with two hungry dogs barking and normally a 9AM wake-up call from Q), but still I’m sleeping in and just decompressing. I feel more energized and my body has just been able to kind of mellow out for a couple days which I think it really needed. I made this bread earlier in the week to bring in to my old job as one last “Koko Treat” (they have been the testers of many a sweet thing). And it was definitely another hit with the co-workers.

For this loaf, I took a basic banana bread recipe which we use as a “go to” in our house when we have ripe bananas. I added in blueberries and layered a banana over the top of the loaves for some extra flavor (and looks-wise it gives the loaves something special). We toasted the walnuts instead of putting them in raw and we used a potato ricer to mash our bananas which speeds up the process.



(I let my loaves cool outside for 5 minutes before taking them out of the pans since we were in a rush to get out the door.) These loaves were truly delicious and a great recipe to try for any beginning bakers.

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