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by Koko on April 5, 2012 · 8 comments

in Army, Travel

The journey was long (13 hours door to door), but worth it. I started an amazing book,You Know When the Men Are Gone, watched Good Luck Chuck and two episodes of Touch, slept for a little, read all the April issues of my magazines and then before I knew it I was in Fairbanks. One of Quincy’s Army friends’ wives was super generous and picked me up way past both of our bedtimes and let me stay with her last night. I love already having a friend in a new place. Q had a feeling we would be long lost friends and we was right.

Today I really felt like an adult. I drove an unknown car in an unknown town with snow on the ground. I signed a lease and set up cable and internet for a new apartment. I ate lunch by myself. I went to Fred Meyer (the big grocery/Wal Mart type store up here) and stocked up on food and things for our apartment. I drove on post all by myself without a GPS and still found my way around. I checked into a hotel room alone and took 4 trips from my car and back to get everything inside. And now I just wait for Q’s flight.

I think being alone was amazing though because it made me see Fairbanks like I never have before. I had to figure this city out alone. And I love it. It’s VERY different than LA, but in many ways that’s a really good thing.

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