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moustache Hi, I’m Koko Stanley, the 27-year-old creator of this little blog over here! I’ve been posting recipes, some fashion and a little Army girlfriend/fiancee insight a little over 2 years. I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California with a brief 6-month stint living in London while I studied abroad.

In August of 2012, I moved from Los Angeles to Fairbanks, Alaska to be with my handsome fiancee Quincy (aka Q). Q is an infantry officer in the Army hence why we currently live in Fairbanks, AK, or what we like to call interior Alaska.



Quincy deployed to Afghanistan in April of 2011 for a one year deployment and returned to Alaska in April of 2012. I moved up to Alaska in August and it’s been a wild ride.

I went from being a celebrity’s personal assistant and working in entertainment public relations to being a substitute teacher in the local school district (and I LOVE it). I’ll be getting my Masters in Education from USC starting in May 2013 and plan on being a teacher full time at our next duty station (aka the next place we move).

snow hat

Quincy and his guys (he is on the far left)

I love cooking, baking, neon colors, stripes, photography, knitting, Cheerios, bad television shows, swimming, spinning, wearing funny socks, going to brunch (best meal of the day), being silly, red wine, eating at yummy restaurants and most of all sitting on the sofa and spending time with Q!

Q loves good coffee, electronics, cooking (yes he is a master chef), running, being organized, playing golf, “How I Met Your Mother,”  laughing at me, Irish whiskey, a good steak, and making me happy (haha I added that one!).

We love “Breaking Bad,” cooking dinner together, pizza Fridays, traveling, Diet Coke, laughing, bulldogs, West Elm, “The Good Wife,” and making each other laugh.

jt wdding2

These are my pups, who live back in LA with my parents. Doesn’t everyone think that their dogs are the cutest dogs? Q and I can’t have pets at in our current apartment, but are planning on adopting our own when we move next!


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