LA Trip

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Two weekends ago Q and I flew to LA for a friend’s wedding. While Q could only stay for 48 hours, I added a few extra days on to my trip to hang with the girlfriends and parents.

Like every LA trip, there was plenty of food, girls’ dinners, working out at my favorite spots and mom’s homecooked meals. I’m SO looking forward to winter break and a full two weeks spent there.


sweat dentist1 breakfast sammie

bye la


PS, dress in top picture is Madewell and necklace is J. Crew

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slip ons

I am a big fan of the 30-second dressing routine. Most nights before work I try and leave out my outfit for the next morning. This expedites the standing-in-front-of-the-closet-blankly-staring-for-5-minutes thing that usually happens if I don’t plan ahead. But on those rare days when I haven’t planned and I don’t have the 5 minutes to waste staring blankly, I almost always reach for jeans and slip on sneakers. Now I am a teacher, so I can get away with a more casual look than most. I do have to say that these shoes are the most comfortable of my usual work shoes (minus my Birkenstocks, but that’s a whole ‘nother story).

Let the slip on obsession continue…




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Napa Style

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I loved my quick weekend trip to Napa SO much that I thought I would do another quick post on my Napa outfits!

Rehearsal Dinner at a Vineyard

Dress: Joie (similar)

Shoes: Kate Spade


For lunching and exploring Napa:

Dress:  J. Crew (similar)

Sunnies: Karen Walker $250

For an outdoor summer wedding:

Dress: Joie (similar / similar)

Shoes: Jessica Simpson (similar)

Necklace: J. Crew (similar $44)


For the day after brunch:

Dress: J. Crew (similar)

Belt: J. Crew $30

Purse: J. Crew (similar)

Shoes: J. Crew $170

(I think J. Crew was a trend…)

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Kitchen Remodel Part 2

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We have made some MAJOR progress folks. We are officially day 30 into our renovation and I finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Since we last talked about the remodel (post here), we bought and started assembling all of our Ikea cabinets. And then we returned some of our cabinets after remeasuring some walls. And then we bought some more cabinets. And then some cabinet pieces were missing and broken. And we are still waiting on replacements. BUT we have 80% of our cabinets! And they are currently half assembled in every single room of the house. Personal space = ZERO.

ikea cabinets

We knocked a hole in our wall to create a pass through. And it is GLORIOUS. The natural light that now shines through is pretty damn amazing. I am already SO happy with this decision (even though it ended up being a tad bit pricey because of the beam we had to put over it).


pass through

We took out the wall between the dining room and the old kitchen making this room feel enormous! This wall had to go. It created two small spaces instead of one big one. Honestly we do not use a formal dining room at all, so by knocking it down we are able to create our dream kitchen with a dining space on the side.



We took out the soffets in the ceiling. Why, oh why, do people install soffets? Oh I will tell you- to minimize cabinet cost. With soffets, people don’t have to install cabinets to the ceilings and therefore save money. We couldn’t wait to knock these down. They make the room feel bigger already.



soffet2   soffit3

We got rid of this weird step up we had between the kitchen and the rest of the house. For some reason, the people before us had the kitchen elevated by 5 inches. And by some reason I mean they were too lazy to take out old flooring before putting new flooring on top of it. So they just layered and layered and layered. So we got rid of this awkward step up and now we have a flat floor with just a small step up into the den.


We finally painted. I cannot even being to understand why the previous owners painted the house khaki, but it made the house so dark and dirty looking. Q and I have slowly been painting room by room, but waited to do the kitchen until the renovation. It looks SO much bigger, brighter and cleaner (even though it is super dusty). Can you tell in the photo above how a different color of paint can change a room?

What’s next? Flooring (matching the hardwood to the rest of the house on the new non-elevated floor). Cabinet installation (YES!). Plumbing (a sink again!). Lighting (West Elm). Backsplash and countertops. We are SO darn close I can feel it!

before day 30

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