by Koko on June 26, 2017

in VA

We are here! And we love it SO much. Of all the places the Army has taken us, this is by far my favorite. I love the city, the people, and especially our neighborhood. We have been welcomed by the nicest group of people. There isn’t a night that goes by that someone doesn’t stop and chat. Sometimes I want to pinch myself that I get to call this home.

We have a big flat backyard, unlike any of our previous houses! Q and I were joking that we always get the odd backyards, so we were very grateful to have a nice flat one that Carl can roam around in.

We’ve been eating dinner outside every night and it has been staying dark until almost 9!

And of course, Carl has fit right in!

I am still commuting to LA for work about once a month, but Q and I have lived like this forever, so we don’t know it any other way!

Happy Monday!

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Simple Strawberry Cake

by Koko on May 30, 2017

in Baking, Cake, Recipe

So I’ve made this cake four times since I first discovered the recipe. It’s SO simple, and so easy to play around with. My first cake was just the simple batter with cut strawberries on top. In my second cake, I decided to add lemon zest and use raspberries on the top. For my third cake, I added lemon zest, and did a combination of berries over the top, and for my fourth cake, I used almond milk instead of regular milk and did blueberries. The recipe is pretty foolproof and fun to play around with. It’s simple, easy to make in a pinch and delicious.


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And it is only $100. Everlane is the BEST. Their classic crew neck cashmere sweater is my all time favorite sweater. I seriously wear one every single day during the fall/winter. Great quality, great price point, great selection of colors. I promise you will not be disappointed. I have it in four different colors in the crew neck and three in the v-neck. Enjoy.

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Coconut Pancakes

by Koko on February 21, 2017

in Breakfast, Cooking, Recipe

I was SO lucky these past few weeks because I got to spend them with Q! He had a little break from work, and I took some vacation days so that we could spend time with each other before Q heads out for more training. I found my love of the kitchen again, and remembered how much I LOVE cooking for another person (amazing how cooking for two is SO much better than cooking for one!). For Valentine’s Day, I wanted to try a new recipe, so I made these Coconut Pancakes. It made a bunch (I actually cut this recipe in half since it was two of us and there was still a ton left over!). I put them in a freezer ziploc bag and freeze them for the future. They were delicious and really not that much work, who knew? Enjoy!


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